Which Tea Has The Most Caffeine?

Whether you’re trying to find a replacement for your morning coffee or just looking for an extra jolt, tea can often be a great substitute. I love coffee, and drink it a few times a week and for the sake of comparison, a cup of coffee has right around 100mg of caffeine. But which tea has the most caffeine to help kickstart your day?

Tea comes in a very wide variety of types, so some teas have more caffeine than others. On the same note some have next to no caffeine so if a wake-up call is what you’re looking for you might want to try something else.

Which Tea Has the Most Caffeine?

  • Yerba Mate – 85mg per cup
  • Silver Needle White Tea – 75mg per cup
  • Matcha – 70mg per cup
  • Black Tea – 48mg per cup
  • Green Tea – 40 mg per cup
  • And coffee, with about 100mg, give or take.

Here we’re going to cover 5 types of tea that all contain a good amount of caffeine, as well as listing some others that are low on the caffeine scale. Generally, any tea made with the traditional tea plant are bound to contain caffeine unless of course they are decaffeinated.

High Caffeine Teas

Black Tea

Sitting at around 48mg of caffeine per cup, Black Tea is probably the most common type of tea you’ll find with a high amount of caffeine. It’s used in a lot of varieties of teas that are known for their caffeine content such as English Breakfast tea. Black Tea is typically stronger in flavor and potency than other common tea types such as White, Green or Oolong.


amoda- organic- ceremonial- matcha- tea

At about 70mg of caffeine Matcha packs a punch. It’s created by mashing green tea leaves which cause it to be somewhat more condensed and potent than regular green tea. This tea comes in a large range of quality, but a typical cup of Ceremonial Matcha can be a great healthy substitute for your morning coffee.

Green Tea

Out of the most common types of tea, the best green tea is typically only behind black tea for caffeine content. At anywhere from 30-45 mg of caffeine per cup it’s sure to pack a punch. Unlike black tea this tea is made from unfermented leaves, leaving a much lighter color and flavor.

Silver Needle China White Tea

Certified Organic Yunnan Silver Needles White Tea

This high caffeine tea is one of the most potent on the list. Although most types of white tea don’t have that much caffeine, this specific type has around 75 mg per cup. This tea is created through much younger tea buds, avoiding all the stems and creating a much more powerful tea. White Peony tea is another white tea with moderate caffeine levels.

Yerba Mate

Coming in at the strongest on the list, Yerba Mate has about 85 mg of caffeine per cup. Which is close to that of a regular cup of coffee. So, if you’re looking for something to get your day moving this might be the best choice. Largely popular in South American countries, this tea is not made from the traditional tea plant, instead it’s made from the leaves of the South American holly tree. It’s long been praised for it’s healthy vitamin content and ability to provide a less jittery caffeine buzz.

Now of course, sometimes you just want a great cup of coffee, right? There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Teas with Much Less Caffeine

If you’re wondering which teas to avoid if your plan is to get more quick energy there is a number that contains little to no caffeine such as Herbal, Rooibos or any de-caf varieties. Other teas with particularly low caffeine content are Pu-erh and most varieties of White Tea.

So now that you know which tea has the most caffeine you’re ready to get your day going. Although this guide will serve you well for general tea caffeine levels, you should always check the specific type of tea to be sure because some teas like the Silver Needle mentioned above contain much more caffeine than other teas within the same family.

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