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Welcome to Tea Perspective!

If you have reached this site, you clearly are (well, I hope you are) an avid tea drinker & lover, like me.

My tea journey began over 25 years ago. Growing up with a mixed heritage and a lovely Asian nanny, I was exposed to all sorts of tea, all of the time.

My parents could not operate without a cup (or two) of strong English Breakfast Tea each morning! (that’s me now!) and my nanny, Mrs Lee, never turned up without her proprietary mix of green tea & Jasmine flowers and occasionally the odd Pu-erh too!

I grew up with a love & appreciation for all types of tea.

Now my day consists of a strong cup of tea (or two) of loose-leaf English Breakfast, followed by a mid-morning swig of Green Tea ( bring on the antioxidants) & ultimately, I finish the day off with a cup of Earl Grey with a dash of honey (big dash) in the mid-afternoon.

What about the evening, you ask? Well, I reserve that time for a glass or two of red, but do normally top that off with Camomile Tea before bed, or should I be politically correct, chamomile “Tisane.”

Anyway, now you know my daily drinking schedule; however on a serious note…

Tea, for me, is a drink, an experience, a pleasure, a health boost, a way to connect with friends & family, and ultimately a way of life.

I hope you enjoy this site, learn a thing or two, and don’t wait too long before you next have a cuppa!

Like to get in touch, you can email me at teaperspective123 (at) gmail.com

Happy Sipping!