Silver Needle White Tea Health Benefits and More

In spite of tea’s position as the most popular beverage in the world, few of the world’s people realize just how healthy tea is. As a matter of fact, the health benefits from drinking tea range from aiding in digestion, to helping prevent stroke and heart disease, to aiding in cancer prevention, and even growing healthier bones. And those are just a few of tea’s health benefits.

Health And Silver Needle White Tea

The health hierarchy of tea starts with black teas, then green teas, then white teas, which top all teas in providing health benefits, and top all teas for taste to many tea lovers.

White teas are unfermented teas made from very young tea leaves and immature flower buds that are steamed, as opposed to fermented or dried as black and green teas are processed.

Consequently, white tea contains even higher levels of polyphenols, which are very powerful antioxidants, than either black or green tea. Beyond these higher concentrations of antioxidants, others studies have reported that white teas help the body’s immune system combat both bacterial and viral infections.

White tea won’t have as strong of a taste as other teas, which makes it an option if you’re mixing together various herbs and plants to create your own teas. For example, one could make turmeric tea and also use white tea leaves for some additional flavor and for all of the other reasons we’ve already mentioned.



Which White Tea Is Best?

The top variety of white tea, known for both superior taste and health benefits, is silver needle white tea. This rare tea, once reserved for Chinese royalty, is harvested only two days out of every year and grows only in the Fujain province of China.

In early spring, on the two days that precede the opening of the tea bud, the tender bud shoots are hand harvested, then quickly steamed and exposed to the least amount of processing.

This careful handling accounts for the visible silver fuzz on the immature bud shoots, which gives this tea its name. Unlike other white teas, which are blended proportions of leaves and buds, silver needle is made only from the plants’ tender buds with absolutely no leaves. The result is a very pale brew with a smooth, slightly sweet taste.

For tea aficionados, silver needle white tea is akin to a cross between Dom Perignon and the Fountain of Youth, as its taste and anti-aging qualities are unmatched by other teas, even other white teas. The limited supply, due to the unusually short harvesting period, adds to the mystique of silver needle, but this rare tea’s real worth is the reward it brings to those who wait all year for the new batches to reach their cups.