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8 Best Yerba Mate Teas to Wake You Up!

Yerba Mate from South America is some magical stuff, that’s for sure. It gives you more of a kick than regular teas, tastes awesome, and is the single best traditional alternative to coffee. Let’s check out the best yerba mate on offer.

best yerba mate

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few Yerba Mate flavors, but some natural options as well.

Yerba Mate brands are some of the best on the market, so you can trust you’re getting the best.


Ok, put the kettle on, and let’s go!

Taking the Best Yerba Mate Flavors To The Next Level

Now, organic green tea has something in it called theanine, which is an amino acid that helps with focus, concentration, and even creativity.

They are usually a great choice for anyone who needs that extra bit of focus, whether they are a high-flying businessman or a busy mom at home.

Theanine and caffeine complement each other perfectly, and while there is a common misconception that traditional Yerba Mate blends have a lot of theanine (based on how effective they feel), they actually don’t: there’s just the right amount.

If you do really need that extra boost, you can steep some green tea along with your Yerba, or even take an L-Theanine supplement.

But even without the added boost of the theanine, the benefits of Yerba Mate brands from South America and beyond still offer an alternative to coffee that’ll give you a powerful, high jolt of energy, clear-headedness, and an overall good feeling.

Pick Your Best Yerba Mate Flavor

Before we go into a more in-depth rundown of each of these flavor options, here’s just a quick overview of the best Yerba Mate brands.

If you want to learn a bit more about each of these products, just read on. You can enjoy fantastic organic Yerba by either using loose leaf or teabags.

Whatever you choose, Yerba mate drinkers are a passionate group so the reviews will never steer you wrong.

While some of the natural choices may be more bitter, this might just be your preference, so don’t be put off!

All of our top teas on this page are excellent options, and you truly won’t go wrong with any of them, so if you’re in a hurry and you just want to drink Yerba Mate, take your pick from this table.

If you like to shop around, take a look at the full rundown to see why they made our list, and what makes them unique.

And then, right at the end we’ve put a little guide on the tradition of drinking Yerba Mate, together with some additional accessories for the best and most authentic low-caffeine experience.

Best Budget Option – Taragui Elaborada Con Palo

2,000 Reviews
  • Mate tea is regarded as one of the nature's...
  • Rich in antioxidants and minerals, boosts...
  • Controls appetite, stimulates physical &...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Weighing 1kg, this is a heaping bag of loose leaf Yerba tea, which is enough to keep you going for quite a while.

Together with the great price, it makes the list as our top budget choice of the best Yerba Mate brands.

Its flavor may be more on the natural side but reviews say that it is deep, pleasantly bitter, and satisfying.

This is a fantastic option for people who are trying out Yerba Mate flavors for the first time, as the price is low, but the quality remains high.

Although the taste may seem a little harsh or bitter at first, this only speaks to how natural the tea is, without any artificial additions.

Best Pre-Made –  Guayaki Organic – Orange Exuberance

57 Reviews
  • Grocery
  • Orange
  • Exuberance

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Canned teas with flavor are gaining popularity in North America in recent years, after already finding success in many Asian and Indian countries.

This Guayakí product is not your normal can of ice tea: it’s a simple way to carry a traditional energy boost with you, wherever you go.

This Guayakí is a pre-made Yerba Mate leaves that you can enjoy on the go and makes an excellent energy source, due to the professional nutrient extraction and mate recipe, straight from South America.

The Guayakí choice is also an endlessly healthier alternative to standard energy drinks which are loaded up with sugar and artificial additives.

Why bother with that when you have a great-tasting and natural option instead?

Best Unsweetened – Wisdom of the Ancients Instant Yerba Mate Tea

312 Reviews
  • Our best formula yet
  • Made with your desires in mind
  • The finest products for the finest results

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Yerba tea leaves are all about being natural, plant-based, and good for you, so what better way to get the full experience by going for this unsweetened option, with no artificial flavors.

Rich in vitamins with a robust and distinctive natural and bitter taste, it comes in powder form for easy mixing and transport.

As a natural energy booster, it’s great for when you’re feeling lethargic and is also super-high in antioxidants.

You can also choose to have this as a hot or cold drink, meaning you can make it exactly how you like.

Best Bagged Option – Cruz De Malta Tea Bags

357 Reviews
  • Yerba Mate tea bags
  • Mate cocido
  • Can be served hot or cold

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

These Cruz De Malta tea bags by Guayaki Yerba Mate of South America are a great starting point if you want to try out this drink, but haven’t made the leap to loose leaf teas yet.

The flavor is also more on the natural side and can be a little bitter, but reviews are loving it.

Cruz De Malta Guayaki bags are kind of like an ‘easy mode’ for Yerba Mate drinkers, but without going for a shot or a canned option.

It’s best used at work or at home where all you need to do is put on the kettle and the tea will do the rest.

With a smooth, mild taste it can also be served cold, over ice, or pre-steeped then put in the fridge like an iced tea.

Best Yerba Mate Brand – Mate Factor

252 Reviews
  • Energizing herbal tea
  • Yerba mate, the healthy energizer
  • Original fresh green flavor

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

The best Yerba Mate brands offer a lot of different flavors (some more bitter than others), and their teas give a real caffeine kick – definitely the best mate tea for energy!

They offer 10 different varieties, in 6 different sizes, and while this brand is especially popular in Canada, you can get it all around the world.

Teas in the Yerba Mate brand Mate Factor don’t smoke or age their leaves: it’s all fresh green Yerba Mate in a natural leaf style, and you can really taste the difference.

Their teas are grown in Brazil and then shipped to their HQ in Canada – and with no added flavorings, you’re tasting exactly what’s in each cup and exactly how nature intended it.

These Yerba mate leaves also come in a delicious dark roast flavor, and we highly recommend picking up a few different items from Mate Factor’s stellar product line, like their Mate straws, because we’ve yet to find one that we don’t like.

At the end of the day, it’s simple, high-quality goodness that tastes amazing.

The best part is that unlike other specialty teas, it’s surprisingly affordable and easy to get hold onto, thanks to online retailers such as Amazon.

Now that we’ve helped you choose which drink to order, it’s time to think about accessories. While you can use your normal teacup with bagged options, you can take the experience further with loose leaves by getting yourself a little gourd to drink from, and a ‘bombilla’ which is a filtered straw to keep the leaves out of your mouth.

They may improve the flavor and the overall ritual.

chimarrao or mate tea

Choosing a Yerba Mate Gourd and Bombilla

Choosing a mate gourd and a bombilla is an easy process.

You can choose between traditional or modern styles to your heart’s content, but do make sure to get one with good reviews, otherwise, you might not be getting the full flavor.

Yerba Mate Silicone Gourd with Bombilla Straw

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

The Health Benefits of Yerba Mate Tea.

Yerba Mate is a natural, herbal tea made from the leaves and twigs of the Ilex paraguariensis plant that has been used for many years throughout many different nations, for many different reasons.

It is said to have a vast amount of health benefits ranging from weight loss to boosting your immune system but it doesn’t stop there!

There are many other impressive health benefits attributed to drinking yerba mate including:

  • Greater energy
  • Mental focus
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Enhanced sports performance

Yerba Mate Tea is made up of several beneficial plant nutrients, including Caffeoyl, Saponins, and Polyphenols.

These three ingredients are the main health-promoting antioxidants in Yerba and boast anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering benefits.

Yerba Mate also claims to have 7 out of the 9 essential amino acids that the body needs, in addition to nearly every vitamin and mineral your body requires.

It really is a powerhouse of nutrition and will do your body a world of good to incorporate a cup into your diet.

Side Effects and Risks of Yerba Tea

When drinking Yerba Mate Tea there are some side effects due to the caffeine content in the drink.

The side-effects are the same as any caffeinated beverage and include inability to sleep (insomnia), nervousness and restlessness.

These side effects are temporary and will subside in time.

It is advised to discuss any side effects you may be feeling with your health care professional and not to exceed the 1-2 cup a day recommendation.

If you’re on any medications, pregnant, or have any pre-existing conditions it’s best to discuss any health and wellbeing concerns with a medical professional before consumption.

Argentinian yerba mate

What You Need to Make Yerba Tea

To make Yerba Tea you will need water (hot or cold depending on your preference), Yerba Tea either loose-leaf or bagged depending on your preference, and a cup or Gourd (A traditional Yerba Mate drinking vessel).

You may also need a teapot or stovetop to heat the water and a tea strainer or Bombilla (traditional metal straw) to drink the tea.

Milk, sugar, and honey are optional extras you can add to the Yerba Tea and will soften the taste of the beverage if you’re finding it is too strong for your liking.

How To Make Yerba Tea

Traditionally Yerba Tea is made by soaking the dried leaves of the Yerba plant in hot water (not boiling) and then served in a container called a Gourd and drunk through a metal straw called a Bombilla.

The Bombilla functions both as straw and as a sieve featuring small holes that allow the brewed tea in, but strains the tea leaves.

You don’t need a Gourd or a Bombilla to make Yerba Tea.

You can buy it in a tea bag and brew it like normal tea or you can buy it premade as canned tea or bottled iced tea. 

Yerba Mate Tea can be enjoyed cold or hot.

To make it hot use 2 teaspoons of loose Yerba Mate Tea with one cup (8 fl. oz.) of heated water at 165 °F (not boiling!) and steep the tea in a tea strainer in the hot water for 5 minutes then consume.

To make cold, refreshing Yerba Mate Tea use 2 teaspoons of loose Yerba Mate Tea with one cup (8 fl. oz.) of cold water and steep the tea in a tea strainer for 15 seconds then consume.

You can make a large batch of this and add ice if you desire just increase the water content and tea accordingly.

Final Thoughts…

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with any decent quality version of this powerful drink, especially if you’re looking for an energy boost or alternative to tea and coffee.

Whether you’re new to Yerba Mate leaves, or maybe tried it on vacation in South America one time and are looking to have some at home, we hope that some of our recommendations have caught your fancy.

It’s also a great choice for anyone who drinks too much coffee!

If you know of any other great brands out there with similar benefits, make sure you leave a comment and let us know.

This list of the best Yerba Mate tea brands is always growing and evolving, and our goal is to feature the very best products for our readers.

Ok, time to put the kettle on.

Happy Sipping!

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