Hey, It’s Time to Learn About Tea!



How Is Tea Made? (Really)

ceylon tea leaves drying

Many people have asked me this question, so I thought the decent thing do was to have a cup of tea and then explain the process. How is tea made?…

What Does Green Tea Taste Like? 

green tea with loose tea leaves

Antioxidants and good looks are only just the start of this beautiful tea. So, what does green tea taste like? Green tea can taste earthy, sweet, toasty, buttery, and somewhat…

How To Clean A Tea Kettle

filling tea kettle with water

How to clean a tea kettle: you can clean a tea kettle using common household items like vinegar and lemon. Cleaning methods vary, depending on the material of the kettle you…

Top 5 Linden Flower Tea Benefits

linden flower tea

So what is this mysterious Linden flower, and what are the Linden Flower Tea benefits? Linden flower, otherwise known as the European Linden tree, Lime or Basswood, its leaves make…