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  • Takeya Cold Brew Maker

    This Takeya Cold Brew Maker Makes Life a Little Easier

    Cold brew coffee has been getting quite a buzz around it lately, and not just because it packs a strong kick of caffeine compared to regular coffee, but also because it’s a super easy way to make coffee, it’s ready to go first thing in the morning before you’ve even opened your eyes since you […] More

  • Yerba Mate Benefits 101: A Quick Crash Course

    Did you know that there is a beverage that possesses the health advantages of tea, the feeling of euphoria that comes from eating chocolate, and the strength of black coffee? The drink is known as yerba mate tea. The tea is made from healthy and naturally caffeinated leaves of the holly tree which are abundantly […] More

  • Jam in Tea

    Talking about jam in tea is not just a discussion about a less common sweetener for the centuries-old hot beverage; the topic is a gateway into the history of several interesting and little known aspects of tea drinking itself! Making life a little sweeter with jam in tea Using a fruit jam or preserve is […] More

  • Joe Rogan Tears Into “Bulletproof Coffee” For Making False Claims

    So this whole “bulletproof” thing has been around for a few years now, and for much, much longer than that if you look at the idea of putting fats and oil into coffee, and not just the current name for this trend. Adding ghee, butter, or coconut oil (or a combination of them) has been […] More

  • Why Would Anybody Drink Agrimony Tea?

    Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) is a hardy, perennial flowering plant or shrub that is part of the rose family. There are over a dozen different species of Agrimony which are found throughout Asia, Europe, the UK, and North America and in parts of Africa. These plants are found growing in the wild and are also cultivated […] More

  • This Country’s Tea Harvest Is In Serious Danger Due To Contaminated Water

    In the¬†Himalayan foothills, there was a ton of rain mid to late august, which has lead to dolomite contamination of water, which flows towards the foothills from mines that are being run illegally in Bhutan, as per the India Times. Dolomite is a mineral that can form into sedimentary rocks. In and of itself, this […] More

  • 8 Reasons Why We Don’t Write Tea Reviews

    Our long, long, long time readers will remember in the early days of Tea Perspective, all the way back in 2013, we started things off with a handful of tea reviews. Since then, not so much. We almost never do reviews of teas. Sure, occasionally, someone on the team will mention enjoying a tea, maybe […] More

  • 3 Simple Ways To Make Echinacea Tea Taste Better

    There are three different types of the echinacea plant that people drink specially for the alleged medicinal benefits, and those are¬†Echinacea Angustifolia, Echinacea Purpurea, and Echinacea Pallida and all of the different types are collective referred to as the coneflower, but we’re not going to be focusing on any magical cures for rare diseases, or […] More

  • 5 Loose Leaf Tea Samplers You’ve Got To Try

    A tea sampler, or a tea flight, is another name for a variety pack of teas from a particular brand. This allows you to try numerous teas from the same brand, to compare them, and to round-out your collection without having to spend a fortune. You can determine which teas you like the best from […] More

  • 58 Tea Puns You Can Use For Naming Your Tea

    If you don’t use one of the numerous “tea” puns out there to name your brand of tea or your blend of tea, how are people going to know how clever and whimsical you are? If you’re having trouble coming up with some tea puns to use, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. After […] More

  • Humans of tea

    ‘Humans of Tea’ Highlights the Stories Behind the Leaves

    Our friends at Vahdam Teas have an ongoing series over on their Facebook page called #HumansOfTea. It’s presumably based on the popular Humans of New York movement which takes a moment to recognize the stories behind all of the people you cross everyday on the streets of NY. It highlights that everyone has struggles, everyone […] More

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