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Traditional Medicinals and the Power of Plants

Based in Sebastopol, CA., Traditional Medicinals is the leading seller of wellness tea in the U.S. and is a Certified B Corporation and California Certified Green business.

Passionate about connecting people with the power of plants, this tea company embraces sustainability, social and environmental activism and ingredient purity.

Traditional Medicinals’ Roots

This tea company began operating in 1974, but their roots go back further to the 1960’s. Rosemary Gladstar was a third-generation herbalist, who met an environmentalist and activist named Drake Sadler while living in the coastal redwood forest.

Rosemary had been raised close to the earth and the couple joined other baby boomers in seeking alternative lifestyles that included herbal remedies and natural foods. With a shared vision for the rebirth of herbalism, they founded Traditional Medicinals.

Kindred Spirits with a Grounded Approach

Referred to as the godmother of modern herbalism, Rosemary became a respected author and teacher, founding the non-profit United Plant Savers and The California School of Herbal Remedies. Her original herbal formulas are still available today although she is no longer active in the company.

Drake states that Traditional Medicinal’s main drive is to try to reinvent the way people think about plants. He now focuses on empowering and working with indigenous and impoverished people around the globe, who cultivate and collect medicinal plants.

With Rosemary continuing her commitment to herbal education and Drake’s dedication to social equity and environmental stewardship, their founding values are instilled into the core principles of the company.

Among their management team you’ll find deeply devoted and passionate people who include Harley riders, dog lovers, garden geeks and free thinkers, all working towards Traditional Medicinal’s common goal of sharing wellness and a passion for the plants and inhabitants of the earth.

The Business of Change

In keeping with this tea company’s philosophy of protecting plants and cultivating communities, they advise that they are in the business of change as well as tea, with a focus on changing lives, communities and the quality of herbal remedies.

Sustainability has been infused into every aspect of Traditional Medicinals’ operations, ranging from sourcing and packaging to distribution and voluntary certifications.

It’s all in the Numbers with Traditional Medicinals

  • 98.9% of their botanical raw ingredients are certified organic
  • 100% of their teas are Non-GMO Project Verified
  • 47% Increase (by weight) in the botanicals sourced with Fair Trade or FairWild certification
  • 100% of their electricity comes from renewable resources
  • 950 students are receiving an education through five schools they’ve built in Rajasthan, India
  • 367 bicycle scholarships given to students in Rajasthan, India to attend school
  • 3,100 people received water security with the installation of 510 water catchment and storage devices in Rajasthan, India
  • $949,000 and more of contributions made to domestic and international non-profit organizations

Sustainability continues to be at the heart of this tea company’s ethos, seeking wild-collected or organically farmed herbs.

At the same time, Traditional Medicinals consider the long-term impact of conducting business with the communities they work with, preserving integrity and fair business practices that protect plants and people.

Traditional Medicinals’ Tea

While any warm drink is comforting, this tea company believes that the right formula should benefit you as well.

With high quality pharmacopoeial grade herbs crafted into many wellness teas, using old wisdom and strict quality control, Traditional Medicinals strive to offer products that balance great taste and beneficial properties.

Organic Throat Coat Tea

8,830 Reviews
  • Supports throat health.*
  • Non-GMO verified. All Ingredients Certified...
  • Consistently high quality herbs from ethical...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Licorice and marshmallow root are combined with slippery elm to produce a blend, that is like taking your voice to the spa, as it comforts a strained throat and soothes irritated tissue. Silky, sweet and earthy, this delicious blend is made with great care from Rosemary’s original recipe.

Organic Nighty Night Valerian Tea

10,960 Reviews
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep with the...
  • Non-GMO verified. All Ingredients Certified...
  • Consistently high quality herbs from ethical...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

If you need to mellow out and get a good night’s sleep, this warm, soothing tea might do the trick. Using the infamous valerian, which is known for it’s strong earthy smell, gives this tea a mildly bittersweet and minty flavor, while grounding and relaxing in preparation for a nice doze.

Other herbs are included to round out the dreamy goodness.

Traditional Medicinals Mountain Tea with Lemon Balm and Caraway

38 Reviews
  • Supports everyday wellness*
  • Non-GMO verified. All Ingredients Certified...
  • Herbal Supplement. The highest quality,...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

This wellness tea has been used throughout the Balkan Peninsula for millennia, celebrated by elders and wise Greek grandmothers as a home remedy for digestive support and building strength. Mildly floral, earthy and with an elegant sweetness, this tea is protective and soothing.

A visit to Traditional Medicinals’ website could take hours of informative and fascinating reading, with so much information about their stewardship of the earth, dedication to wellness and their enthusiasm for the plant kingdom.

Wonderful teas and social/environmental activism are just the tip of the iceberg with this tea company.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.