5 Linden Flower Tea Benefits: Plus A Warning BEFORE You Buy

Linden flower tea comes from a member of the Tilla genus, the Linden tree, also known as lime or basswood, makes for an intriguing and healing cup of tea steeped in health benefits.

The flowers of this tree deliver a fragrant cuppa that may also soothe unease and fight inflammation, and that’s just one of the linden flower  tea benefits we’re going to be digging into more in-depth in just a few moments. Of the various members of this genus, the Tilla Cordata boasts the strongest set of medicinal benefits, and it grows throughout Western Asia and Europe.

The Magical Linden Leaf

These trees can grow up to 80 feet in length, making for impressive sight before delving into its blooms for a warm brew.  The tree is also highly fragrant, with many saying that the scent appears long before the tree comes into view.

Historically, this drink has been called the nectar of the kings due its wide spread use for medicinal purposes. In fact, its medical history ranges from American Indians harnessing its sedative powers to Europeans in the middle ages using it as a daily health tonic. There are even rumors that the tea was used to keep soldiers calm during WWII.

How Linden Tea is Processed

To create this tea, the flowers of the Linden tree are plucked and subsequently dried out; and when dried the flowers till retain a sticky texture. To know whether the flowers are ready to pick, growers wait until they have fully bloomed and are yellow in color. In some cases the bark of the tree may also be used to brew up a pot; however this does not deliver the same flavor and may leave the palate with a more earthy tone.

How to Make Linden Leaf Tea

Linden Flower Tea is made using the dried flowers, leaves or bark of the Linden tree, but for the most pleasant flavour, the flowers are the go-to component.

What you will need:

  • 15g or two to four teaspoons of dried leaves, flowers, bark or a mixture of all three. Fresh flowers and leaves may also be used, but in smaller quantities. The amount of product used may be decreased or increased based on taste, as the perfect cuppa is always subjective
  • Boiling water at about 100°C or 212 °F
  • A tea pot, preferably ceramic but there is no set rule
  • Honey or sweetener to taste

To make the tea, add the dried ingredients to a teapot and cover with boiling water. Steep the brew for up to 15 minutes until the tea turns an amber color. Pour into a cup and sweeten with honey or sugar if desired.

Once properly brewed the tea will have a sweet fragrance and although it may hail from the lime tree, the tea does not have a citrus taste. Instead the flavor will be sweet and floral, much the like the flowers it is brewed from. The taste can be very strong and lingers on the palate in a pleasant way, making this an excellent tea to have on its own, or an addition to other bitter teas to temper the taste.

5 Benefits of Linden Flower Tea

Linden Flower Tea benefits
Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of linden flower tea.
  1. Anxiety: Linden tea is known to reduce stress and anxiety (https://online.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/act.2004.10.309 ) and has been used as a calming sedative for centuries. The tea helps to regulate mood swings and in some cases it may also have a small effect on hormonal levels. After a warm cuppa, drinkers can expect to feel an overall sense of relaxation in both body and mind. The ideal drink to end a chaotic day with.
  2. Digestion: If indigestion is a regular issue, a cup of Linden Flower Tea may be just the ticket soothe an irritated digestive tract. The antispasmodic quality of the tea can also help to reduce stomach cramps, and in can increase a waning appetite.  Therefore, a warm cuppa when the stomach starts acting up can help ease these symptoms while also providing a sweet distraction from the discomfort.
  3. Hypertension: Due to the diuretic properties of the drink, this tea can help lower blood pressure levels. The calming effect it has on the nervous system also assists in preventing blood pressure levels from soaring during stressful times. Although not a replacement for blood pressure medication, the tea can do no harm when taking a quiet moment to sip away the anxiety.
  4. Detox drink: The tea is also known for its antioxidant properties and contains compounds such as quercetin and kaempferol – powerful allies in the fight against free radicals that emerge as a result of sun damage or aging.  Another benefit of the numerous compounds found in the tincture is the fact that as a diaphoretic, the tea promotes sweating which ultimately helps the body eliminate toxins, salt, water and in some cases fat cells.
  5. Immune booster: As mentioned, this drink can induce a bout of sweating, often a remedy to break a fever. Above that, the drink is also a staple when fighting common colds and flu (https://pennstatehershey.adam.com/content.aspx?productId=107&pid=33&gid=000263). The anti-inflammatory properties may also reduce cold and flu symptoms such as inflamed membranes and respiratory tracts.

Note: Some people have reported allergies to the linden flower, so it is always advisable to speak to a doctor before taking any alternative medicine or drinking a new type of tea if you’re allergy prone. If an allergy is suspected do not tempt fate and do not drink herbal teas when pregnant. Tea is meant to soothe the mind, and every so often it boasts a few body benefits, but is not a replacement for proper medical care and intervention when it comes to serious conditions.

Additional Information and more linden flower tea benefits

While very popular as a tea, the Linden Flower can be used for more than just a cuppa. Take a warm linden flower bath to let the sweet aroma help you soak away the day, or look out for this extract in some of your favorite beauty products.

Using a Linden Flower tincture on inflamed skin can also help to reduce itching, providing much needed relief from bug bites or rashes.

The tea is widely available, but it is always advisable to check the packaging for any compounds that may have been added to the brew such as caffeine or other teas.  For those with an adventurous palate, look for mixed brews that contain linden flowers – for example the popular seven flowers tea.

Whether looking for a sweet fix, something soothing, or a refreshing departure from your regular cuppa, Linden Flower tea is a wonderfully relaxing drink that works well on almost any palate, if you know of any other linden flower tea benefits or ways that you enjoy this drink, let us know.