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An In-Depth Look At Tea Tree Shaping Cream by Paul Mitchell

There are a lot of ways to incorporate tea beyond a teapot or a mug.

Tea can soothe the pain from a sunburn; it can restore skin, acting as an aid in facials; it can even help you achieve healthy hair.

If you’ve never considered taking your tea out of the kitchen and adding it into your morning routine, you might want to think twice about keeping your tea around only for drinking.

Using tea-infused or tea-based products in your beauty or “getting ready” routine can bring fantastic benefits – and that’s the case with tea tree shaping cream, a product that uses tea to improve the state and style of your hair.

With tea tree shaping cream, you can bring your ‘do to new heights, all thanks to tea.


What, Exactly, is Tea Tree Shaping Cream?

If you haven’t heard of tea tree shaping cream, it’s an interesting product – and no, it doesn’t involve any actual tea (in bag, loose leaf, or even drink form).

A relatively new product created for hair styling and care by Paul Mitchell, tea tree shaping cream helps you add texture, definition, and strong hold to any hairstyle.

Simply work a small amount of the cream into and through your hair while it’s still damp, and style your hair however you wish.

The tea tree cream is meant to thicken and strengthen your strands, allowing your hair to stay wherever you direct it.

A common product choice among men, it’s perfect for short hair that needs a little attention.

In addition to its styling properties, tea tree shaping cream is an all-natural hair styling product.

Free of both parabens and gluten, this styling cream is safe for regular use on colored or dyed hair.

It’s also vegan-friendly, and includes no animal products in its mixture.

Tea tree shaping cream is created from only natural and organic ingredients, ensuring that it can be used by anyone and everyone – and that no harm will be done to the environment or your health.

With no chemicals and no dangerous additives, your scalp is safe from damage or harm, as well as disgusting residue once you wash the cream away.

Wondering how tea makes a difference in this hair cream?

Well, it’s made with tea tree leaf oil, an essential oil that comes from Melaleuca alternifolia, or the tea tree.

Tea tree oil has long been used as a natural aid in the prevention and treatment of bodily infections; however, in this hair styling product, the tea tree oil provides entirely different benefits and strengths.

Rather than keeping illness at bay, the tea tree leaf oil works to strengthen the efficiency and hold of the cream.

The Benefits of Adding Tea to your Hair Care

Using tea in new ways sounds exciting, but there’s much more to tea tree shaping cream than tea itself. Hairstyling experts and customers who have tried this shaping product have found that it offers quite a few benefits, and that it’s especially great at keeping its styling promises. Tea tree shaping cream is:

  • Excellent at adding texture. When run through your hair and shaped into place, tea tree shaping cream conditions each strand of hair, giving it greater body and stability. Its ingredients increase the nutrients your hair and scalp receive, which in turn can lead to new growth and a softer, healthier scalp.
  • Thick and undiluted. Sometimes, hair products are weak because they’re diluted and watered down to the point of goopy, gloppy ineffective messes. Tea tree shaping cream, however, is well concentrated. It is a thick, smooth cream that does nothing to dilute its ingredients, meaning it can give you the best hold and strength possible.
  • Soft when dry. A major problem with shaping creams is their stiff, crackly, and dry texture hours after application. Instead of leaving your strands feeling like they’ll break, tea tree shaping cream holds hair in place without leaving an unnatural stiffness behind. Your hair will keep its shape and position, but still feel soft to the touch.
  • Smooth without waxiness. Many creams and styling products leave behind a waxy, slick residue that coats the hair; tea tree shaping cream doesn’t. Instead, this product can make your hair look slick without adding in an odd layer of greasiness. It keeps your hairstyle light and free of added weight.

Of course, every hair and hairstyle requires different products – but who wouldn’t love to add a touch of tea into their daily hairdo? 

While tea tree shaping cream certainly can’t replace your favorite cup of tea, it can add the natural, environmentally friendly qualities of your top tea into your style.

Make sure to purchase only well-known brands of tea tree shaping cream to ensure the product is safe for use, and free of any non-vegan friendly product, gluten, and potentially harmful parabens.

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Jaime Vargas.

Saturday 11th of June 2016

Hello , Though is a little pricy, I love this product!! I got this at Super Cuts, where I go for my hair cuts. One of the girls recommended it and it works great!!! I figured that if I'm goung to use a shaping cream for my hair, is got to be the best. If is going to help my hair look better and also nourish my scalp, I'll buy it. I'll recommend this product from Paul Mitchel to any body. Thanks.

Tea Perspective

Tuesday 14th of June 2016

Hey Jaime, thanks for taking the time to share your experience with our readers :)

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