Iced Tea

Does Your Tea Make The Grade?

Have you ever wondered about the words “orange pekoe” printed on your box of tea? For a long time, I assumed they referred to the type or flavour of tea –perhaps you have too. In fact, the name “orange pekoe” indicates is the quality and category of tea leaves. There is no standard scale for tea […]


The History and Legend of Yerba Mate

The Yerba Mate tree is found in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.  The dried leaves of the tree are used to make the quintessentialSouth American tea: Yerba Mate.   This tea has a flavour profile comparable to green tea, but is much stronger; many people find it takes time to acquire a taste for it.  Even more […]

Skin care tycoon green tea moisturizer

Learn to make skincare with Skin Care Tycoon

As our longtime readers know, this website is about a little bit more than just tea. We’re all about healthy lifestyles, and one of the best ways to feel healthier is to lower our stress levels. What stresses people out the most? It’s usually money, feeling like they aren’t in control, feeling like they aren’t […]


Conscious Teas, Razzle Grass Tea Review

Razzle Grass Tea from Conscious Teas, A Tea Broth with Depth Tea Perspective was delighted to receive a sampling of tea’s from Conscious Tea’s, a designer tea shop based out of Missouri. Packaged minimalistically, it clearly lays out the specific ingredients of each tea blend and offers a small description of each blend as well. […]


Drinking Tea Can Improve Colon Health

There are several things that drinking tea does for the body, and improving your colon health is definitely one of them. Certain teas like green tea have high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers, which serve to cleanse the body of free radicals that cause cancer and accelerate the proliferation of cells. Other tea mixes simply help […]

Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

Green Tea Finds Its Way Into The Snack Aisle

Chocolate should not be tampered with, but the Japanese are well known for doing great things with teas, so making a green tea chocolate bar would be a great idea. Nestle seems to think so, and now available in Japan and in other areas is the matcha Kit Kat bar. Launched in 2010, them matcha […]


4 Lesser Known Health Benefits of Green Tea

Everyone knows the health benefits of green teas: they are high in antioxidants, that they help to fight cancer and infections, and many other incredible health benefits. But did you know that ladies can use it to ease menstruation and improve bladder function? Or how about that it can be used as a poultice to […]

Teabag dangers

Tea Bag Dangers

Is your tea bag poisoning you?   TeaPerspective has always been a big fan of loose leaf tea’s above tea bags, simply because of the quality and natural flavor enhancement it offers. A recent article published by Dr.Mercola has given us a new reason to avoid the tea bag all together, it poses a serious […]


Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one the better known spices used in cooking and baking. Research has clearly indicated that cinnamon is not only delicious but also healthy. Cinnamon has both nutritional and medicinal value that we will outline in this article. Blood Sugar Regulation. Research has shown that cassia cinnamon has the ability to lower the blood sugar levels […]


Green Tea for Weight Loss

If weight loss is your present goal then green tea may be one of the best answers. Green tea is safe and the latest fat loss technique going around the market presently. It is recommended by many experts of the weight loss field as it contains substances that suppress appetite and speed up your metabolism. […]