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Vahdam Teas offers a New Journey and an Old Legacy

Located in New Delhi, India and founded in 2015, Vahdam Teas procure their botanicals from over 150 plantations across India. They’re proud to offer tea harvested and produced within 24-72 hours, which is then delivered all over the world between 3-12 days afterwards.

Their garden-fresh teas are shipped to over 76 countries, with Europe and the U.S. being their top markets. Sharing a passionate vision to develop India’s first home-grown global tea brand, their team leverages technology while staying true to traditional methods and processes.

Vahdam Teas Ensures a Fresh Cup

Selling loose-leaf teas with more than 70 signature blends, Vahdam Teas is also developing wellness and flavored beverages to add to their inventory, with a focus on penetrating deeper into the U.S. market.

Established by a 4th generation tea entrepreneur, this tea company has a lineage of over 80 years in the industry.

100% Pure Indian Teas

With one of the largest collections of single estate teas and signature blends, this company procure their garden-fresh teas directly from the source. They are proud that their teas don’t stagnate in containers while traveling for months before being packaged and sold.

Eliminating the middlemen allows them to ensure freshness while retaining earnings for the farmers in the Indian regions, which means truly ethical and fair-trade tea.


  • Darjeeling – Surrounded by the Himalayas in north-eastern India, this region is considered magical to tea enthusiasts, often considered to be the producer of the “Champagne of teas.”
  • Assam – Also in north-east India, these gardens produce some of the finest robust teas.
  • Nilgiri – The finest estates in the Blue Mountains produce “elixirs” for a new generation of tea sippers.
  • Kangra – From the northern Himalayan belt comes a fresh incarnation of premium Indian tea.
  • Sikkim – India’s first 100% organic state has only one tea garden that produces exceptional tea.

All Vahdam Teas are 100% pure, which has been certified by the Tea Board of India.

Offering simple unblended teas from single origins and signature blends is the main focus for this tea company, while re-introducing consumers to authentic products sourced from the world of Indian tea.

Vahdam Teas

Ensuring that their garden-fresh teas are procured within 48 hours of harvest is only the first step. After rigorous cleaning the teas are vacuum packed and stored in a temperature controlled and dehumidified warehouse, then shipped in less than a week to consumers.

Organic Darjeeling​ Black Tea Leaves​ from the Himalayas

This is considered the Champagne of Teas and it’s organic, with a delightfully rich aroma and flavor that hints at dark chocolate and ripe fruit. Harvested from bushes grown at high elevations in the famed Oaks Tea estate, it has a lingering aftertaste and can be enjoyed in the morning or afternoon.

Original Masala Chai Tea

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Offered in pyramid teabags, this long leaf tea is blended with cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and clove to create an exotic beverage that is spicy and full-bodied. You can enjoy this original Indian tea straight or as a traditional chai with milk and honey or a sweetener of your choice.

Vahdam Teas strive to offer tea connoisseurs pure, fresh teas grown exclusively in India and they also provide a variety of samplers and gift sets with beautiful packaging and tins.

Along with their tea accessories, they also have herbal tisanes and varieties of green tea and infusions. Keep an eye on this tea company if you consider yourself a true tea enthusiast. There’s a lot on the horizon with their eye on the future for offering fresh and authentic Indian tea.

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