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The Spice and Tea Exchange Provides an Old World Trading Post Experience

Formerly known as Old Spice Traders, with their first store established in 2005, The Spice and Tea Exchange operates from St. Augustine, FL and has become a nation-wide franchise.

Their mission is to create and share the experience of a more flavorful life, offering a wide variety of seasonings and choice teas in an old-world spice traders’ atmosphere.

A Unique Experience with The Spice and Tea Exchange

Bringing an 18th Century Trading post concept to their retail approach, this company has been franchising since 2008, with over 55 stores opened in 26 states since they began.

The Spice and Tea Exchange (TSTE®) is proud to provide exceptional products for foodies and tea lovers alike, including:

  • More than 140 Spices and 80 exclusive hand-mixed blends
  • 16 naturally flavored sugars
  • A vast array of salts from around the world

TSTE® advises that it’s easy to find your way to flavor in any of their stores, where you’ll see and smell the difference, becoming immersed in a sensory experience that gives you the opportunity to explore by opening jars and taking in the fresh aromas.

The Culture of The Spice and Tea Exchange

This company has a strong focus on being community minded, with knowledgeable staff who are passionate about ingredients and seasonings, sharing ideas, recipes and fun stories.

A visit to one of their stores will find staff bagging teas, handcrafting custom blends and creating unique gifts for their guests.

With a common passion for food and life, their goal is to provide customers and visitors an immersive experience while discovering products sourced in the U.S. and from around the world, from basic to exotic botanicals and ingredients.

Their blog is loaded with culinary stories and ideas, so the customer can get the most out of their purchases.

Learn how to blend your own teas and seasonings, while exploring a wide variety of techniques and applications that will make you a wiz in the kitchen, with easy flavor tips and useful information on things such as entertaining and recipe development.

The Spice and Tea Exchange Teas

With a wide selection of loose leaf teas that range from traditional to exotic, there is something for every dedicated tea sipper, whether you’re adventurous and daring or someone who prefers quality, stock-standard ingredients.

The black teas on offer have profiles that span from malty and bold to fruity and succulent. Their herbal selections and infusions are mostly caffeine free, with robust flavors resulting from the addition of ripe fruits, flowers, spices and botanicals sourced locally and globally.

If you’re more into Green teas, their selection of natural and infused blends range from earthy, smooth and silky to light and grassy, with natural colors ranging from golden yellow to various shades of green.

International Breakfast Tea

This rich and malty breakfast tea has subtle notes of chocolate, making it a deliciously classic, robust cup to start your day. With organic black tea sourced from China, this international blend is flavorful, smooth and refreshing.

If you love a strong black tea that is comparable to high-end blends, this cup is sure to please.

Cinnamon Plum Herbal Tea

An herbal treat that is rich with currants, hints of plum and zesty hibiscus, along with delicious notes of licorice root and cinnamon, which make it a unique blend that can be enjoyed hot or iced.

You could even create your own mulled wine or cider with this Kosher certified and organic tea, that is sweet, tart and spicy.

Jade Cloud Green Tea

Produced in the high elevation gardens of Hubei, China, this special grade of organic green tea is certified Kosher, providing a smooth cup with a sweet aroma. The delicate flavors hint at toasted chestnuts, with a mellow taste that is light and down to earth.

The Spice and Tea Exchange also has a vast selection of gourmet gifts and tea sets that include beautiful packaging, boxes and tins.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.