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Teas That Can Help You Lose That Extra Holiday Weight

Another member of the Tea Perspective team has written an article on their musings in regards to tea and weight loss, you can find it here, and it’s recommended reading for anyone who is thinking that tea can help them easily shed pounds.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — but it’s also the time of year that cause most of us to bemoan our weight once the season ends. With so many parties, so many dinners, and so many treats, the holiday season is known for widening waistlines and adding pounds. If you’re worried that this time of the year will leave you fighting your clothing come January, try drinking a few cups of tea. Tea is more than a healthy beverage; it’s known to improve your health, no matter what type you choose. Certain tea varieties in particular can help you lose the weight of the holidays, and all you have to do is take a minute to make and drink a cup.

These are the varieties that will help you shed that unwanted excess weight post-holidays:

Yerba Mate

An increasingly popular tea, yerba mate is a tea that features countless benefits. It includes 90 percent more antioxidants than any variety of green tea, and is one of the most nutrient-heavy varieties in existence. Made from the dried leaves of the yerba mate plant, this tea is the most popular choice throughout South America. Who wouldn’t want to drink yerba mate? Its composition includes herbs that relax the muscles and invigorate the nervous system, and even includes caffeine to give an energy boost. However, yerba mate is particularly helpful for those wishing to lose weight. Research studies have found in recent years that yerba mate can help fight both obesity and diabetes; it reduces cholesterol, harmful lipids, and glucose concentrations. Choose a cup of yerba mate, and you’ll help your body prevent those extra pounds from forming.

White Tea

The product of the Camellia sinensis plant, white tea is the least processed variety of tea. It’s a gentle, subtle tea, with a light taste and very minimal amounts of caffeine in every cup. Although its leaves originate from the same plant as black and green teas, white tea features different healthy inclusions: it features catechins, which lower cholesterol levels, help the blood vessels work, and reduces blood pressure. White tea also offers one particularly helpful trait for weight loss, as it has been found to stop fat cells from forming within the body. That’s right — drinking white tea and its herbal extracts help the body break down lipids, preventing the body from storing them as fat.

Hibiscus Tea

Easily recognized by its brilliant magenta coloring, hibiscus tea is the product of the similarly colored West African Hibiscus sabdariffa plant. The flavor of this type of tea is as unique and bright as its color — and it’s also rich in flavonoids that work to reduce blood pressure. Hibiscus tea is recommended for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes and hypertension because of this. Additionally, hibiscus tea is worth sipping because, like white tea, it also blocks the creation of fat cells within the body. Scientific researchers have found that hibiscus extracts, or the leaves used to make tea, weaken our ability to turn lipids into fats, lowering the chances of adding pounds. Turmeric tea is another excellent herbal tea, you can learn more about it along with it’s health benefits inside of this article.

Editor’s note: As we’ve discussed in the past, the research when it comes to many of tea’s various health benefits can vary, there are a lot of health claims made about tea that aren’t necessarily going to really move the dial, or that are only backed up by relatively weak studies. That doesn’t mean that tea doesn’t have health benefits, but when it comes to weight loss – nothing is going to do better to help you lose weight than eating well and being more active. Tea can play a role in that, but don’t expect to magically shed pounds because you’re drinking more tea – that’s not really how it works. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.