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Tea on Wheels is the Newest Tea Trend

Chances are, you’ve eaten at a food truck or two during their rise to popularity over the past few years — but have you ever grabbed a specialty tea from a tea truck? A new trend in roaming food on wheels is the tea truck, a food truck that serves nothing but your favorite herbal beverages. Forget stopping by a coffee shop; soon, you might be able to grab your tea right off the street.

As Trend Hunter reports, tea trucks have begun to pop up in areas both cold and warm in temperature. One of the first, named the Cozy Cabin Tea Truck, was created by Canadian shop David’s Tea. As winter begins to arrive and the days grow colder and snowy, the Cozy Cabin Tea Truck will roam around Toronto, hitting a total of nine different stops and offering tea lovers drinks like Pumpkin Chai, Peanut Butter Cup, or even their simple favorites. David’s Tea originally kicked off the Cozy Cabin truck in order to promote their permanent shop locations, to reach out to local community members.

If you’re residing stateside, the city of Los Angeles is responsible for kicking off the food truck trend — and it’s also home to many different tea trucks. You might see the Mighty Boba Tea Truck throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, as it travels to different cities and locations to offer both homemade Boba teas and Taiwanese snacks. Or, if you’re looking for a little caffeine with your tea, track down Fred and Grind. Also based in the city of LA, this mobile beverage shop offers its customers both lattes, cappuccinos, and tea lattes like chai and matcha.

You may even spot a chance to grab some tea on wheels while in Europe — in Turkey, tea trucks are called cay kamyon, or “tea truck” in the Turkish language. These versions don’t simply hand out tea to passers-by, though. Customers are able to climb inside the tea truck itself and sit down for a few minutes while sipping their tea.

What local tea trucks hang out near your favorite spots? If you haven’t spotted one in your neighborhood or city just yet, one may be coming soon — with the popularity of food trucks, tea on the move could be the next big trend.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.