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Australian Tea Brand T2 Brings Quirky Tea 2 the World

In 1996, T2 opened their doors in Melbourne, Australia in the bohemian suburb of Fitzroy, known for its quirky and artistic residents, alternative shopping and restaurants.

They soon became Australia’s leading tea retailer, with their definitive style that continues to offer imaginative tea and tea related products.

Tea Done Differently with T2tea

This tea company advises that all they do and all they are revolves around their love for reimagining and reinventing the humble tea leaf. They have become an iconic brand providing unique tea in beautiful packaging while celebrating the age-old art of tea-making.

Inspired by the people they meet and the places they travel to, this company reimagines ancient tea rituals by injecting modern style and experimenting with flavors and techniques.

The Evolution of T2tea

1990 – 1999

When T2tea opened their doors in 1996, a tea revolution began. With pink ceilings, Chinese newspapers used as wallpaper and towering displays of tea and accessories, they attracted an eclectic variety of tea sippers.

Artists, hippies, backpackers, musicians and students flooded in, creating a buzz that continues to reverberate.

This tea company entertained their visitors with in-store theatrics, which delighted the community so much that they launched their second store in the outer suburb of Chadstone in 1999, where curious souls ventured in to taste their unique teas and immerse themselves in the quirky experience.

2000 – 2009

Continuing their delivery of theatrical customer service and delicious tea, they invited their customers to join in the experience while experimenting with tea blending and innovation.

Hitting their stride with tea knowledge and expertise, they launched T2 wholesale in 2002, with their teas becoming available in many upscale restaurants.

Opening more stores throughout Australia in 2004 meant T2tea were able to share their storytelling and immersive approach, encouraging tea lovers to widen their knowledge of tea and inspiring others to get brewing.

The launch of their website in 2005 helped their tea campaigns to share product discoveries.

In 2006 they headed back to the drawing board and conducted some soul-searching, expanding their behind-the-scenes team and researching ancient tea ceremonies and different approaches to tea drinking.

More stores were opened and new blends were discovered and shared with the faithful as well as new adherents.

2010 onwards

Becoming a hive of curiosity and experimentation, T2tea took their products to the world, which enhanced their thirst for new culture immersion and tea innovation.

Their first store in Singapore was opened in 2017, inspiring the creation of Singapore Breakfast tea, which is a blend of black and green teas topped off with coconut and pandan.

Now T2tea products can be enjoyed in the U.S. with many more stores opening around the globe.

Joining the T2 Society

This thriving community of like-minded tea sippers are united by their shared love of tea. Subscription includes oodles of goodies like:

  • Free iconic T2 gift-wrap of tea products
  • Super special offers, gifts, surprises and samples
  • A Birthday brew (in-store only) during the week of your birthday
  • Invitations to Tea Society-only events
  • A Tea Time card for in-store purchases
  • Sneak peaks of new innovations

T2 Teas

Melbourne Breakfast

Indulge yourself with this full bodied black tea that is infused with vanilla, creating a unique blend that is reminiscent of a windy Melbourne morning. Cozy on its own or with a dash of milk, you can sip it up Melbourne style and enjoy a splurge that is warm and sweet.

French and Earl Grey

With a medium-bodied base of black tea, this blend is fruity and scattered with flower petals from rose, hibiscus, sunflowers and mallow. A French twist on Earl Grey, this subtle yet complex tea has a classic bergamot flavor that can be enjoyed mid-morning or afternoon.

Watermelon Sorbet

Lush watermelon and fresh mint give this poolside blend a chill-out vibe that can be enjoyed hot or iced. Along with rosehip, hibiscus, melon, blackberry leaves, lemongrass, rose and even rhubarb, this playful tisane tastes just like a watermelon sorbet, perfect any time of the day.

Also try it as a base for smoothies.

T2tea has a book available, with a wealth of information all about tea and the evolution of this quirky company. There are many accessories and gifts available on their website, as well as decorative canisters, tea flavored chocolate and so much more.

Explore the playful side of your personality while enjoying delicious teas that are sure to inspire you in many ways.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.