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Rishi Tea Emerald Lily Green Tea Review

Emerald Lily Green Tea by Rishi Tea, A Decadent Brew

Tea Perspective had the privilege of trying out a couple tea’s supplied by Rishi Tea. The first one that caught our attention was this wonderful pure organic fair trade green tea. We put the kettle on and got our tea cups ready, anxiously waiting to try this wonderful tea. We drank, we enjoyed and now we are going to tell you all about it.


First Impressions: Aside from the beautiful and informative packaging that we will address later, the tea leaves themselves are long spindly leaves with a feint aroma. The leaves are laid out on a table and dried naturally, allowing the leaves to maintain a natural look, not flattened or broken up. Certified organic fair trade tea, this is precisely the tea to look for. Off to a great start already.

Aroma: Emerald Lily tea leaves are baked briefly after drying to give it a traditional roasted aroma of most Chinese green tea. A subdued grassy aroma allows the emphasis to be placed on the delicate roasted qualities of the tea.

Flavors: The slow drying process the tea undergoes minimizes the vegetal flavor of this green tea, the subtle nuances of the tea shine through because of this. Very mellow flavors, a mild sweetness and the pleasant roasted quality enhance the subtleties as oppose to masking them.


Additional Information

Preparation: To prepare a cup of this tea, use one tablespoon of tea leaves to 8 ounces of 85 C water and steep for around 4 minutes.

Ingredients: Organic fair trade green tea, from Yunnan, China.

Caffeine Content: We would put the caffeine content of this tea on the low end of green tea. About 1.5 – 2 out of 5.

Where To Get It: Purchase this and many other tea’s at


Closing Thoughts

From the moment we opened the parcel the quality of this tea was apparent. Lovely box’s outlining the tea’s specific origins and even outlining the flavor profile of the specific blend. Displaying proudly the fact that it is Organic and Fair Trade certified, a truly professional tea company who place the chief importance on quality and sustainability. We applaud Rish-Tea for their great attention to detail and for the opportunity to try this wonderful green tea. Cementing a place in our tea must haves.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.