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  • What is Oolong Tea?

    Besides being the tea with the funny name, what exactly makes an Oolong tea? Like all “tea”, Oolong comes from the Camilla sinensis plant, the determining factor in making an Oolong, is the right amount of fermentation and preparation. So lets go a bit deeper and answer, “what is Oolong tea?”.   Oxidation Oolong tea leaves are […] More

  • Yummiest Low Calorie Green Tea Latte Recipe using Matcha

    Here’s our green tea latte recipe, designed to be as easy on the calories as possible, and therefor also easy on the waist line! This recipe takes certain liberties to cut the calories, feel free to many any substitutions that you would like, there’s not a whole lot to this recipe, it’s simple and easy […] More

  • The Facts About Decaffeinated Green Tea

    Decaffeinated tea is a popular alternative for tea drinkers who don’t want that extra caffeine content. While tea contains far less caffeine than a cup of coffee, it is still present. A moderate amount of caffeine each day is perfectly safe, too much can be a bad thing though. The general rule is if you […] More

  • Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe With Matcha

    Here’s a recipe for green tea ice cream that you can make easily at home. It’s got some sugar in it, so it’s not the healthiest recipe we’ve featured on the site, but it’s alright to have a sweet tooth sometimes and it is ice cream after all, it’s meant to be enjoyed! This recipe […] More

  • How Tea Can Help Solve Coffee Addiction

    There are certain aspects to drink coffee that most coffee drinks will agree upon as being among their favorite reasons for drinking coffee… Justifying our Coffee Addiction if you will. The taste The caffeine jolt they need to start the day The social aspects The ritual of it all  Coffee Addiction The problem is that […] More

  • How Much Is Too Much Green Tea?

    If you’re anything like us, you love green tea. Not only is it arguably one of the more delicious types of tea, but it’s also credited with all sorts of health benefits for its high anti-oxidant content, to help with weight loss, and countless other benefits that we won’t get into here, but that we […] More

  • Green Tea Matcha Recipe For Shiitake Wine Sauce

    There are hundreds of recipes that you can use to create a wide-variety of green tea matcha dishes, tea isn’t just for drinking! Here’s one that will warm your soul, your tummy, and leave you going back for a second helping. Maybe a third. No judgement. What is Soul Food? Soul food is a cuisine that’s […] More

  • Make Your Own Green Tea Moisturizer

    Who doesn’t want better skin? What if we told you that green tea moisturizer can help to moisturize, and improve the health and appearance of your skin? It doesn’t have to cost much, either. There are plenty of products available on the market, but we’re not going to be looking at those, we’re going to […] More

  • Easiest Iced Green Tea Recipes: Sweetened And Unsweetened

    If you have spent even a moment on this site, you’ll know we’re all about tea, obviously. We love tea, we love drinking tea, and most of all we love sharing tea information with the internet, so that everyone else can share in our passion for this miracle beverage. In Canada, we have long winters […] More

  • Does White Tea Have Caffeine

    We hear this question all the time, so once and for-all does white tea have caffeine? The answer is yes, it does. However, it does have the lowest amount of caffeine compared to other tea types. The average cup of white tea contains anywhere from 6-25 mg of caffeine, where a comparable black tea contains 23-110 mg. […] More

  • Make Green Tea Cookies Using Matcha Powder

    Give your classic shortbread cookies a healthful kick toward greener pastures. This shortbread cookie recipe includes matcha green tea powder, giving the cookies a distinct green color, fun for the kids and a fun way to give your dessert plate some color. Get creative with these green tea cookies. While its well known cookies are […] More

  • Recipe For Vegan Banana Bread and The Best Teas To Serve With It

    Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh banana bread filling their house, the soft spongy bread with gooey little chocolate chips. This is a baking staple, so why not make a banana bread that fills you with pride every time you share a piece with company over a cup of tea. This Vegan Banana Bread […] More

  • Oolong Tea Benefits

    It’s becoming more and more well known that drinking tea has countless health benefits, and this is something that makes us very excited. Along with the health benefits, which are substantial on their own, there exist many more benefits to drinking tea, and we’re going to be taking a look at many of them. Not […] More

  • Sweet Tea: How To Make It Like Miss Kay and Uncle Si

    Miss Kay’s sweet tea is a smash hit on A&E’s Duck Dynasty, often prompting the question “What is in Miss Kay’s tea recipe?” It seems every scene in the show someone is enjoying a tall fresh glass of this famous drink. Miss Kay hasn’t given up her secret as of yet, but we’re going to take our best […] More

  • Stay Cool with Iced Tea

    Is iced tea still healthy for you? A popular question, and the short answer is yes. This is concerning a brewed tea that has simply been cooled down and put over ice. You will have the same benefits as if you drinking a regular hot cup of tea. Lasts for days in the fridge and […] More

  • Upcycling Treasures for Tea Time

    Tea drinkers are as unique as the thousands of different blends that fill their cups, but I’ve noticed that people who appreciate the importance of tea time often have good taste in other areas of their lives, as well. Whether it’s a knack for design, an eye for style, or just an appreciation for good […] More

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