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Controversial CEO Martin Shkreli Paid $120 For A Cup Of Tea But He’s “Not A Big Tea Drinker”

There’s an article in the Washington Post by Jacklyn Collier that talks about what it was like when she matched up with the controversial Pharma CEO shortly after he inspired the ire of a nation by raising the price of a drug called Daraprim (which is an anti-infective agent that is most commonly used by patients fighting HIV). The price of the drug skyrocketed after Shkreli’s company acquired the patent to it. What a co-incidence, hey? 

He’s also engaged in a public spat with a member of the Wu-Tang Clan named Ghostface Killa. If you follow music, you may recall last year when the classic hip-hoppers released a new album but only printed one copy of it onto vinyl. They auctioned off the one-of-a-kind album for $2,000,000 to… you guessed it… none other than America’s sweetheart Martin Shkreli, and Ghostface isn’t very happy about that. Anyways, here’s what that has to do with tea…

In the Washington Post article, Martin’s date talks about how nervous he was when they first met up, how he had been her most considerate Tinder date up to that point, and how he laid it on thick in regards to his philanthropy. It’s a very humanizing look at Martin, but what really stuck out the most is his willingness to waste a perfectly good cup of tea on himself, when he doesn’t even really like tea. That’s going too far.

At the start of the date, the waitress mentioned that they had numerous teas priced between $8-$13 per cup, but that they also had a “Gold Medal Sencha” for $120 per cup. The pair laughed about it once the waitress left, and how ridiculous that was. Jacklyn wanted to make a joke about price gouging, but restrained herself.

None the less, at the end of the meal, Martin ordered that $120 “Gold Medal Sencha” and finished every last drop. When asked how it was, he responded:

“I’m not really a big tea drinker.” 

When you have a hundred million dollars, spending $120 on a drink is kind of like if you or I were to put a quarter into a gumball machine. Martin was attracted to this tea strictly because of how expensive it was, unfortunately for the HIV parents forced to spend 5000% more on Daraprim, they don’t have that same luxury.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.