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Market Spice Tea Retains Their Old World Charm After 100 Years

Located in Seattle, WA., Market Spice began in 1911 when they were a small spice and tea shop in Seattle’s world-famous, historic Pike Place Market, where their retail store still stands today.

Over the years, this company has had a wide variety of teas and spices on offer, which can be purchased pre-packaged or in bulk form.

With nearly 200 bulk teas and several tea bag varieties, Market Spice continues to develop new and exciting blends based on current trends and customer requests.

It’s not just about the Tea with Market Spice

Made daily in small batches to retain freshness, this spice and tea company creates delicious tea blends from a variety of special teas and high-grade herbs and spices.

Flavor is the most important element for Market Spice and visitors report how wonderful it is to smell the shop way before they arrive.

Along with iced, bottled and regular tea, they offer a huge assortment of spices and have developed their own salt-free seasonings, tea-infused chocolates, tea cookies and their own line of scented candles to enhance the mood while you’re sipping your delicious tea.

If you’re looking for a gift for another tea lover – or even for yourself – Market Spice will put together a gift basket made to order.

Their Cinnamon Orange bottled tea was awarded first place at the World Tea Championship in the category of flavored black tea, as well as other products winning in multiple categories in the same competition.

Spice is the Variety of Life

Market Spice has added a multitude of wonderful teas and spices to their inventory and are always looking for new ideas and products. This spice and tea company is proud of their 100+ years of history and love sharing their belief that “Spice is the variety of life.”

Fully appreciating their customer’s concerns about health, they understand how their products contribute to the lives and well-being of their community, both locally and globally.

One of the things about tea that plays a role in this process is the fact that it is high in anti-oxidants and lower in caffeine than coffee.

Market Spice’s website is interesting to browse, with interactive features such as blogs written by their staff members, fascinating articles and educational information about trends in the industry.

This tea company strives to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices for curious palates and tea aficionados alike.

Best Market Spice Teas:

Cinnamon Orange Tea

This delicious signature tea is world-famous, with a luscious aroma and natural sweetness. The blend is so popular that Market Spice adds the ingredients to their green, white, rooibos and decaf teas to create another layer of sweet, spicy goodness. Previously, we’ve talked about green tea coffee, but here’s a blend that would be particularly interested mixed with coffee, don’t you think?

Black tea, cinnamon, spices and orange flavorings are what make this tea so refreshing and it has no added sugar. Uniquely spicy, this special blend is great any time of the day and is also tasty as an iced tea.

Northwest Breakfast Tea

A special black tea blend that is full-flavored and well balanced, Northwest Breakfast is one of the more subdued teas offered by Market Spice, but don’t let that fool you. A refreshing cup that was developed specifically for mornings, it can also be enjoyed in the evenings with or without milk.

Huckleberry Tea

This is a tea that is naturally sweet, especially favored by berry enthusiasts and sourced from wild huckleberry bushes in the sub-alpine meadows of the Pacific Northwest.

Market Spice has crafted a bright, delicious blend that includes their estate black tea, which makes it the perfect cup for morning or after-dinner.

Some companies offer a tea of the month club, however Market Spice doesn’t currently have a tea subscription box.

If you’re not able to visit the store in person, the next best thing is to visit their website, which has so many products to choose from that you might end up making plans to go directly to Market Spice and take in the heady aromas.

They have gift certificates, tea accessories, spices, coffee and everything in between. Keep an eye out for their mulled wine and apple cider for the holidays. This company always looks forward to providing quality teas and spices for all purposes and occasions.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.