Make Green Tea Iced Tea The Easy Way

Green tea is not just a refreshing served either hot or cold, it’s also well known for it’s health giving properties. Tea, it is commonly agreed, is an excellent antioxidant, helping to clear the body of contaminants and also linked with health benefits relating to preventing cancer and heart disease. As part of a healthy lifestyle green tea can be of exceptional benefit. Not everybody enjoys drinking warm or hot beverages, and in a hurry you won’t always have time to properly brew a cup of tea, but don’t worry, you can always make up a pitcher of iced green tea ahead of time and have it in your fridge for whenever the desire strikes!
One way to enjoy green tea is to make a refreshing iced green tea, a beverage enjoyed across south east Asia where the drink is very popular and even comes in a can.

How To Make Iced Green Tea:

  • Boil sufficient water for the amount of iced greed tea you wish to make.
  • In a teapot, jug or pan add one teaspoon of green tea leaves per person for the amount of water you are using. If preferred you can use tea bags, also one per person. Leave the tea to steep for around 3-5 minutes depending on how potent you like it to taste. If you leave it too long, it will turn bitter.
  • Strain the leaves or remove the tea bags from the brewed green tea. At this point you can add sugar or sweetener to taste.
  • Leave to cool or place in a refrigerator until cooled sufficiently. You can add cold water or ice cubes to cool down quicker.

green-tea-potServe over ice and with a slice of lemon if you choose. This will keep just fine in your fridge so you can make a whole bunch at once and grab a glass whenever you like, as oppoisted to warm steeped tea where you have to make it fresh whenever you want it. Some people actually leave the tea bags in the water after they’ve put it in the fridge, this will allow for the greatest amount of flavor from the tea however it can also become bitter, so it depends on your personal preference, some people enjoy the stronger taste that edges on the side of bitter, whereas others prefer a lighter-tasting drink.

The trick is to try different things, experiment until you’ve got it JUST how you like it… Then to come here and leave a comment sharing your results with us, of course!

Summer is well on it’s way so here’s a great way to cool down with green tea iced tea, but it’s delicious all year round.


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