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‘Humans of Tea’ Highlights the Stories Behind the Leaves

Our friends at Vahdam Teas have an ongoing series over on their Facebook page called #HumansOfTea. It’s presumably based on the popular Humans of New York movement which takes a moment to recognize the stories behind all of the people you cross everyday on the streets of NY. It highlights that everyone has struggles, everyone has dreams, achievements they’re proud of, profoundly heartbreaking pasts and endlessly inspiring futures.

Many people who enjoy drinking tea have a real disconnect from where it comes from. Some folks couldn’t tell you anything about where their tea comes from, how it’s cultivated, let alone how many people work hard day in and day out to make tea happen for all of us around the world.


Humans of Tea takes a moment to share the point of view of the people who make tea possible for all of us to enjoy. This series draws attention to, and highlights, the humanity in each cup, and it reminds you of the absolute necessity of doing everything you can to enjoy teas that are harvested ethically and in a way that takes great care of the people working on the tea fields, the people processing the teas, and everyone else all along the line.

Tea is considered a relatively inexpensive luxury to enjoy, but sometimes that doesn’t leave a lot of room for everyone to be taken care of along the way, so we always have a lot of respect for tea companies that do things in a sustainable way, and for the tea drinkers who don’t mind spending a little bit extra if they know it’s going to the right people.

Here are a few examples of what you’ll find in the #HumansofTea series, along with links to the Vahdam Teas Facebook page where you can follow them to see more Humans of Tea.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.