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Fighting The Munchies With Tea

As cannabis use becomes more mainstream, and less taboo to talk about, and legal in more and more places around the world, we’re able to explore all sorts of interesting subjects that relate to marijuana.

It’s worth saying that everybody reacts different to different substances and we don’t condone or promote doing anything that might be legal in your area, but if you are somebody that has chosen to partake in the other kind of leaf, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the munchies.


Even if you aren’t a toker, you’ll find this article interesting because the basic topic is appetite suppression through tea, but there’s more to it than that. We’ll talk about the weight loss benefits of tea, which are primairly the mental assistance that tea can give you.

The Mental Munches

When you smoke up, you aren’t somehow drastically increasing your metabolism to the point where you need to make up the lost calories with a large pizza, a bag of chips, and a box of Oreos. A big part of the munchies is just a mental response, a habit – if you will.

For generations, the munchies have been carved into pop culture as an absolute truth so everybody who smokes then proceeds to expect them.

You could choose to ignore the munchies, but it’s not to easy. Another key factor in why the munchies are so pervasive, and powerful, is because food simply tastes really, really good while you’re under certain influences.

This is where tea steps in…

Going into the kitchen to brew a tasty cup of tea as a powerful weapon against over-eating due to the munchies, for several reasons.

Firstly, when you go to brew your tea, you’re going through the same motions of going to the kitchen and getting a snack. You’re just choosing a much healthier snack than reaching for junk food or empty calories, especially when you’ve already eaten.

Secondly, it gives you something to put in your mouth. The first reason was going through the movements of getting up and fetching something from the kitchen, and this second reason that tea can help with the munchies is that you are able to consume it. There are very minimal calories in plain tea, and only a few more once you add a small amount of a sweetener or a dash of milk, if you’re feeling decadent.

Lastly… it tastes absolutely delicious. Tea is always tasty, but you may pick up on a much deeper appreciation for the flavors as they dance around in your mouth.

Munchies? Try reaching for the kettle next time, your senses will thank you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.