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Dryad Tea Invites You to Step into the Mystical Realm

Located in Aurora, CO and established in 2012, Dryad Tea was created by Rubiee. A tea lover herself, she is also a musician who crafts high quality loose leaf tea inspired by mythology, geekery, music, literary works and anything else that takes her fancy.

The Inspiration Behind Dryad Tea

Rubiee was initially inspired by a close friend to try her hand at tea blending. After many hours of research, her first blend was born. With fruity and floral notes, this concoction was infused with her love for the music of Pandora Celtica – the band she performs with.

Creating blends that can’t be found anywhere else, Rubiee strives to make every tea unique and flavorful, as well as imbuing them with the elements that inspired them. Since the beginning, she has been working with authors and other musicians to create artful teas for everyone.

The Fantasy of Dryad Tea

The character of each artisan tea comes from processes such as hand-blending and inspiration from works of art from other musicians including SJ Tucker and the literary world. At least 98% of their teas are organic.

Every Dryad Tea blend is carefully dreamed up and taste-tested before offering it to their loyal customers. A wonderful feature which is appreciated by their customers involves custom blends, created with their own unique tastes and character in mind.

What Makes Dryad Tea Unique?

Apart from creating whimsical teas with magical names and deliciously unique flavor profiles, Rubiee started Dryad Pottery in 2013, making amazing works of pottery art to enhance the tea experience.

Along with hand-crafted loose-leaf tea, tea blends, herbal tea, black tea and green tea, other factors include:

  • Gluten-free and vegan friendly products
  • Pottery spoon rests, trivets and tea ware
  • Personalized research to create customized teas that are also allergy-free
  • World-class service and personalized pottery
  • Reasonable prices, sales and regular discount codes
  • Customized blends that are just for you – never sold to the public

Sweet Offerings

Dryad Tea also sells a variety of ways to sweeten their magical blends, such as:

  • Honey Stix from a Mom and Pop company – including flavored options like clover, blackberry, wildflower, orange blossom and coffee blossom.
  • Rock Sugar – with flavors such as cream caramel and vanilla
  • Hail Sugar – including toffee caramel and vanilla cream

Dryad Teas

An ounce of Dryad tea will make approximately 11-17 cups of tea and a sample makes roughly 3 cups worth. Each tea has its own story of inspiration, so why not enhance the experience by checking out the music, literary art or mythological characters while sipping?

Hymn to Herne

This is a smoky blend of Lapsang Souchong and Elderberry, inspired by the song “Hymn to Herne” by SJ Tucker. With an earthy flavor and floral notes, prepare to be enchanted.

Ravens in the Library

The name of this tea also comes from a song by SJ Tucker and is a customer favorite. More like a Lady Grey, this is a delightful blend of Earl Grey, which is creamy, calming and mischievous all at once.

Loki’s Kiss

A herbal tea crafted from white chocolate rooibos and peppermint, this blend is refreshing and delicious with its minty notes, inspired by Loki – a character from Norse mythology.

If you’re looking for a unique brand of hand-crafted blends, Dryad Tea is definitely worth checking out. Along with fun silicone infusers, tea chests, tea timers, muslin and metal infusers, trivets, samples and a tea of the month club, you can also buy their tea and pottery from their Etsy store.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.