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How Tea Can Help Solve Coffee Addiction

There are certain aspects to drinking coffee that most coffee drinkers will agree upon as being among their favorite reasons for drinking coffee… Justifying the coffee addiction if you will.

  • The taste
  • The caffeine jolt they need to start the day
  • The social aspects
  • The ritual of it all

 Coffee Addiction

The problem is that some people cannot function without coffee, and will become irritable and agitated and impossible to be around until they’ve had their morning cup.

Make no mistake about it, caffeine is a drug, and it’s certainly also found in many teas. If you’ve ever drank a lot of coffee, then stopped for a day, and felt a horrible headache or even kind of sick, then you know all too well how uncomfortable caffeine withdrawals can be.

We’re not here to be preachy or act like a cup of coffee is the end of the world, because we enjoy a nice cup of coffee as much as the next person, but sometimes too much or a good thing is still too much and that’s when its important to have the self-awareness to take action and to make a positive change.

If you quit drinking coffee suddenly, or “cold turkey” as they say, you can experience several symptoms of caffeine withdrawal including fatigue, drowsiness, frustration, and some of the toughest headaches.

This illustrates just how addictive this drink can become, we become dependent and develop a powerful coffee addiction.

Use Tea To Quit Drinking Coffee

Most teas have at least a little bit of caffeine, but a lot less than coffee has.

You would need to drink 4-10 cups of most types of tea to get the same amount of caffeine as in coffee, so having a cup of tea in the morning instead of coffee will still give you a tiny caffeine boost, and can help to prevent those nasty headaches and other side effects that you may encounter if you’re body is used to caffeine and suddenly deprived of it (as seen in people with a coffee addiction).

Filling Coffee’s Shoes… With Tea!

Earlier on, we looked at four different aspects of coffee that coffee fans tend to love.

Those were the taste of coffee (With so many options, there’s something for most people), the added kick from having a lot of caffeine first thing in the morning, the social aspects of drinking coffee with friends or even on a date, and finally the whole ritual that’s involved with coffee – some people take the preparation process very seriously, not to mention their rituals which can range from drinking coffee while reading the newspaper in the morning to sipping coffee before meditation. In either case, you can definitely enjoy tea in the same ways.

  • The Taste – Tea is available in countless flavors, much like coffee. In general, it’s a less potent flavour (Except in the case of teas like matcha tea), but still delicious just the same. The flavor of tea is more agreeable with people than the flavor of coffee, in general.
  • The Caffeine – As we’ve pointed out, coffee has a lot more caffeine than tea but that doesn’t mean tea can’t help level you out a bit first thing, it just won’t push you overboard resulting in a mid-day crash or any of the other negative side effects you can experience from drinking caffeine.
  • The Social Aspects – Any of the social aspects that apply to coffee, also apply to tea. It’s rare to find a place that serves coffee but not tea, so simply take things into your own hands next time you’re asked what you would like to order when you’re dining out. Also, the next time you have  friends over for coffee, ask who would like tea instead.
  • The RitualsRitual plays a large role in the preparation of tea as well, with many people having special utensils and accessories to make sure they’re steeping their tea just right, such as fancy measuring spoons and thermometers. Tea before mediation is nicer than coffee, since it helps to relax you rather than you hype you up. There’s also something to be said for the connection that you feel with the earth after a good cup of natural tea.

In Conclusion – How To Quit Coffee

If you want to kick the coffee habits, tea might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s warm, it’s tasty, and it’s readily available all around the world. Solve your coffee addiction now!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.