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8 Best Tea Rooms in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a super diverse city in California, home to many different cultures, with an incredible culinary scene where you can find world-class fare.

Best Places to get Tea In Los Angeles

Looking for something on the lighter side? Looking to relax? The best tea houses in L.A. have a lot to offer, from bubble tea in Los Angeles, to high teas, here’s a tour around some of the hottest and most highly-rated places to check out.

Daily Dose Cafe

This little gem is more on the rustic side, and one of the best values overall on this list. Who says afternoon tea has to be an expensive, snooty endeavor? For $5, you can have a pot of tea, and you can mix and match which treats you’d like along with it for $3 a pop. You can easily get in and our of here, belly full with tea and treats, for $10-$15.

They essentially have a happy hour for tea, which takes place everyday except sunday, from 4pm to 7pm. Of course, you can get tea anytime, but that’s when the special runs. It’s a great place to enjoy a pot of tea, meet some fellow tea enthusiasts, and just enjoy life while hitting the pause button for a couple hours.

The Daily Dose Cafe is located at 1820 Industrial St in LA.

Hi SocieTEA

From their wall of tea tins, to delicious pastries and treats, Hi SocieTEA is an excellent place to enjoy afternoon tea in LA. It’s a small, cozy little spot with a lot to offer. They have a very friendly and knowledgeable team who love to chat about tea and can make some excellent recommendations on what to try next.

This place is very small and intimate, with a touch of whimsy. The glass wall facing the street makes it a great place to people-watch while sitting on a comfy stool. They have a handful of teas ready to go on tap, and dozens more that they’ll happily steep for you.

This tea room is located right on Hollywood Blvd., at 6250 Hollywood Blvd.

American Tea Room (Arts District)

American Tea Room is located in the Arts District, and provides a great atmosphere to refuel while you peruse the neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a classic English-style high tea, you’ll find a lot of inspiration, but with a more contemporary take on it. Along with your tea, there are a number of tasty pastries to  try out, and you can get your afternoon tea service in one of three sizes, depending on how snacky you’re feeling, and the prices range from around $25-$45.

They’ve also got a number of sandwiches and curries, scones, and other treats, and foods, to enjoy while you’re here. It’s fairly reasonably priced, compared to other options on this list where you could spend upwards of $100 for high tea.

American Tea Room is located at 909 S Santa Fe Ave in Los Angeles.

Pearl’s Finest Teas

Looking for some <3‘s? This spot is very Insta-friendly, from their overall aesthetic, to literally having little placecards that tell you where to put your drink for a perfect photo opportunity.

Their drinks all look quite spectacular, so you can’t really blame their customers for wanting to show them off. Social media moguls aside, they offer some delicious drinks, although if you’re looking for a more traditional tea room experience, this isn’t really the place to find it.

It’s located in Beverly Grove, at 523 N Fairfax Ave, so the parking situation can be a bit dicey. It’s a small place with a few seats, a chill atmosphere, and a trendy vibe. For boba and milktea in LA, it’s one of your best bets – especially if you’re looking to show off your drink.


This is a super interesting concept, $5 flat gets you one of their special glass cups for your milk tea, along with whichever drink and toppings/additions you’d like.

MILK+T is known for their incredible atmosphere and customer service. This business is entirely owned and operated by women, and people can’t get enough of their unique take on the tea experience, delicious flavors, and countless options to try.

It’s a small, intimate place with a dozen bar seats, and if you’re lucky enough to snag one of them, you’re in for a real treat!

MILK+T is located at 310 E 2nd St in Little Tokyo, Downtown LA.

The Living Room at The Peninsula

Unlike the two boba places we just featured, The Living Room puts a more Beverly Hills twist on traditional English high tea. For about $80-$100 per person, you can enjoy a nice assortment of treats and tea, fresh strawberries with cream, homemade jam, even caviar… It’s a good idea to make a reservation ahead of time, and to know that traffic can be kind of hectic – so account for that in your travel time!

It’s located inside of the beautiful Peninsula Hotel, and is essentially like a living room, it’s a bit smaller than you might imagine, which adds to the intimate expeirence. It’s a popular place to go for a special event, but not the type of place you’d find yourself visiting daily to enjoy a cup of tea and read a book.

The service and experience are great, they have a nice assortment of teas to choose from, and the food is good but it won’t blow you away, either.

The Living Room is located at the Peninsula Hotel at 9882 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills.


This is an extremely hip place that does things their own way. Some people have remarked that they seem to open up “Whenever they feel like it”, and there’s just a super loose and cool vibe here. It has also been described as a speakeasy for tea and coffee lovers.

You won’t find a menu, and you’ll need to pay in cash or venmo. It feels like it’s geared towards a younger crowd, but really it’s for anyone who wants something a little more freewheelin’.

You won’t find big signs and you don’t always know what to expect when you finally do find the place, but you can get a lot of different great coffee and tea drinks here, and enjoy the atmosphere. There’s live music next door, too.

GiorgiPorgi is located at 137 E 3rd St in Downtown LA, just a stone’s throw from Little Tokyo. Look for the inside wall covered in moss.

Huntington Garden Café

One commenter said that this is the only place their English family wants to go for tea when they’re visiting LA, and that certainly counts for something!

They take afternoon tea and add a buffet twist to it. Rather than a stack of plates filled with goodies, your service comes with tea, scones, and an invitation to stock up at the buffet, which has an assortment of desserts, cheeses, salads, and of course, sandwiches.

You will need a separate admission to visit The Huntington, but if it’s your first time in town, it’s definitely worth the visit none the less.

Other Tea Rooms in Los Angeles That Are NECESSARY To Visit?

Hey, if you’re in Los Angeles and you’ve got the scoop on a place that our readers would love to visit – let us know! Include as much information as you can, and we’d be happy to add your recommendation to this list.

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