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The Argo Tea Chain Revolution [Featuring 3 Of Their Teas You Need To Try!]

Headquartered in Chicago, IL., in the Loop community area, Argo Tea is a tea café chain founded in June 2003, by Arsen Avakian, Daniel Lindwasser and Simon Simonian.

After establishing over a dozen locations in Chicago, they expanded to New York city in 2010 with four more locations and then branched out to Boston and St. Louis.

Growing with the tea market movement, they added another ten locations by October 2011 and developed distribution to more than 3,000 grocery stores. By 2013, Argo Tea opened in Beirut and have continued to branch out across the Middle east.

Argo Tea Strives to become the Starbucks of Tea

From grass roots to international entrepreneur, CEO Arsen Avakian planned this tea company’s locations strategically, by spending time on the streets checking out foot traffic, demographics and the number of residents versus tourists.

Speaking with food vendors, business owners and the public, he discovered all he needed to know before laying down roots.

Creating themed kiosks called ‘teaosks’ with four locations established by 2010 in New York city, they’d already made $10 million dollars in annual sales, making them the largest tea chain at that time.

The San Francisco Chronicle named Argo Tea as the company that brought about the 21st century tea shop revolution in 2011 and their bottled drinks became 20% of their business by 2013.

Motivated by the fact that Americans didn’t have a lot to choose from when it came to tea, they focused on providing healthy alternatives to coffee.

Global and Community Responsibility

The name of this company is derived from the Greek mythological story of Jason and the Argonauts and their passionate approach is like a quest to bring back quality teas from growers sourced from all over the world.

Creating their own unique blends and signature teas goes hand in hand with their commitment to sustainability.

  • CommuniTea – Building and maintaining meaningful partnerships with local and global communities. Promoting diversity and embracing feedback from their TeaMembers and customers to ensure continuous improvement.
  • ChariTea – Selecting a new charity every season to partner with and donating a percentage of net profits from seasonal drinks. Holding tea seminars to promote health awareness and researching new possibilities for tea.
  • CreativiTea – Supporting local cultural organizations and artists in their efforts to enrich the community.
  • SustainabiliTea – A strong commitment to environmental responsibility, demonstrating their awareness in their business plans and encouraging reusable and recyclable resources.

Sidenote: Here’s our growing list of tea puns just for fun…

Argo Tea also champions the well-being of girls and women in their communities, especially those in need or living in underserved areas and they work with other organizations and businesses to promote innovative marketing programs that increase the potential of their ChariTea partnerships.

Past partners include:

  • The New York Women’s Foundation
  • The American Red Cross
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The American Cancer Society
  • Chicago Fair Trade

Argo Tea’s current partner is Vitamin Angels.

Argo Teas

Primarily selling a variety of hot and cold signature tea drinks, this company also offers international varieties of loose leaf tea, including black, white, green and natural herbal teas.

They have formed a special relationship with Whole Foods Market to distribute Argo products, like specialty foods as well as natural and exotic tea blends.

The ‘Teappuccino’ is one of this company’s signature drinks and while they import teas from all over the world, they now brew their teas in downtown Chicago. Along with fair-trade organic coffee, Argo Tea offers unique and healthy tea options crafted by intelligent nutritionists and creative mixologists.

Green Tea Strawberry Tea

3 Reviews
  • Makes 15 servings
  • All natural green tea
  • Premium tea sachets

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Sweet strawberries enhance the revitalizing energies of all-natural green tea with a hint of vanilla, to create a perfect blend of smooth flavors that is moderately caffeinated, containing zero artificial ingredients. This tea doesn’t contain the bitterness you sometimes get with green tea.

Earl Grey Creme Tea by Argo Tea

5 Reviews
  • 15 individually wrapped silk sachets
  • All natural premium loose leaf black tea,...
  • High caffeine

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Oil of Bergamot and vanilla are infused into black tea to create a creamy, smooth tea that is high in caffeine and apparently soothing for a sore throat. With no artificial additives, this tea is slightly sweet and warming. Enjoy it hot or cold for a relaxing cup that has a pleasant aftertaste.

Argo’s Masala Chai Tea

3 Reviews
  • Makes 15 servings
  • All natural black tea
  • Premium tea sachets

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

A masala chai crafted from all-natural, premium, Indian Assam black tea and infused with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla that has no artificial additives or ingredients.

High in caffeine, this energizing tea has warmth and depth, making it a naturally sweet treat, whether hot or iced.

This company has a LoyalTea app that allows their customers to pay with their phone and earn rewards, along with exclusive offers and information about Argo Tea.

With tea subscriptions, collections and samplers, high-tech infusers and a wide range of tea accessories, there’s plenty on offer here for any serious tea enthusiast.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.