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Arbor Teas Strive to Take you to Organic Heaven

Arbor Teas is a family owned company based in Ann Arbor, MI., offering organic and Fair Trade certified teas.

Operating with a passion to do worldly good, they adhere to Carbon-free business practices and use compostable packaging, striving to maintain sustainability while providing organic teas sourced from around the world.

Founded in 2004 by Aubrey and Jeremy Lopatin, this tea company has been focused on environmental and social awareness as it grew from humble beginnings, with their first website being paid for by painting a friend’s kitchen.

Since then, their enthusiasm has continued to blossom, which shows in their love of quality, organic teas.

Beyond Organic with Arbor Teas

As an agent of positive change in the world, Arbor Teas is committed to organic agriculture, ensuring that every herb and tea they offer are certified organic by Global Organic Alliance, as well as their warehouse and facility. This preserves the integrity of their herbs and teas from crop to cup.

Believing that organic tea production is safer for the environment, growers and customers, this tea company is committed to offering products that are all natural without the inclusion of harmful chemicals.

Organic versus GMO

The production of organic tea encourages improvement of water and soil quality, conservation of woodlands, wetlands and wildlife as well as ecological balance, biodiversity and the cycling of on-farm resources.

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) means an increase of sewerage sludge, irradiation and the perpetuation of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

With organic farming, large amounts of carbon are isolated and greenhouse gas emissions are lowered, which helps towards the reduction of climate change.

Certifications and Programs

  • Global Organic Alliance for their teas and operations
  • Michigan Department of Agriculture for food handling
  • Fair Trade wherever possible
  • DTE Energy’s GreenCurrents program for their facility’s solar panels
  • Carbon Fund for reduction of carbon emissions in distribution
  • Green America’s Green Business Network Gold membership
  • Backyard Compostable Packaging and Domestic Sourcing
  • International Green Industry Hall of Fame induction
  • The Green Panel solar partnership

Arbor Teas do their best to source botanicals from their country of origin wherever possible, although remaining organic is their prime focus.

They are also dedicated to recycling and using over 90% renewable raw materials, offering loose teas without tea bags to reduce waste. At their facility, they compost used tea leaves and packaging.

Arbor Teas

With one of the internet’s largest selections of loose organic teas, which are two thirds Fair Trade certified, this tea company has all varieties of tea, such as black, white, green, oolong and pu-erh. They also offer South African rooibos, South American yerba mate and herbal infusions.

Organic Nepal Black Tea

Sourced from the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate in Nepal, this organic tea has notes of brown sugar and molasses, making it a smooth, toasty and naturally sweet treat. It has the aroma of fall leaves and a light-bodied liquor, creating an amber hue.

This tea is called “Kumari” In the Nepali language, which means “Living Goddess”, and is also the middle name of the estates’ founder’s wife, who planted the first tea bush there in 1984.

Organic Golden Ginger Turmeric

It seems that everyone is getting into the health benefits of ginger and turmeric, so this tea offers a triple whammy of organic, healthy and tasty goodness.

Sweet and spicy, sourced from the nutrient-dense soil of Nepal, this beverage also contains sweet organic licorice, making it a delicious herbal blend.

Organic Chocolate Pu Erh Tea

An aromatic combination of earthy, organic pu-erh tea and natural chocolate and almond flavors is enhanced by the inclusion of naturally sweet cacao nibs. This is a traditional Chinese tea with an American twist that is smooth and mellow, without any bitterness or astringency.

Arbor Teas is the closest thing to organic heaven for those discerning tea sippers who care deeply for the environment and the quality of pure tea and herbal infusions. They also offer tea pots and accessories, as well as gift sets, samplers and sweets.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.