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Amoda Tea Curates and Creates Unique Blends

A tea curator connecting customers to the power of plants, Amoda Tea was created to provide a fun and informative way to introduce tea lovers to the best tasting teas and the independent tea makers who craft them.

Located in British Columbia in Canada, this company believes that the best teas are found outside of the big chains and supermarkets.

They also create their own blends and elevated plant powders from ethically sourced ingredients, using ancient principles to help their customers become the best they can be.

Amoda Tea Subscriptions

Having tasted thousands of teas from hundreds of quality tea makers puts this company in a great position to advise discerning tea sippers of all the different teas available in the artisan and independent market.

These teas are crafted by hand in small batches using all natural and premium botanicals.

Amoda Tea curates the tastiest teas and fun brands from all over North America into a monthly box that is a refreshing detour from mass produced tea.

Many of these tea companies are obscure or hard to find, making the experience even more exciting, especially if you’re the type who enjoys rare or unusual blends.

Proud to support the small guys, they also select teas that are based on the seasons, giving their customers the opportunity to try products that are catered to different moods and temperatures.

Amoda means Joy, Peace and Serenity and they love to share these gifts through their various subscriptions. You can also choose to gift subscriptions on a 3, 6 or 12 monthly basis and the emailed confirmations include an ecard you can send to the receiver.

All about Amoda Tea Matcha

This company creates their own unique blends of organic matcha and matcha-based superfoods as well as super mushroom powders for modern tastes and lifestyles.

Starting with the very best green and flavorful matcha tea they can find, they craft teas to sip and powders to blend into smoothies and other concoctions to help enhance healthy living.

What is Matcha Powder?

100% pure loose leaf green tea in powder form that is consumed whole rather than steeping the leaves.

What are the Health Benefits of Matcha?

  • A nutrient powerhouse providing clean organic energy the natural way.
  • A jitter-free and steady energy boost.
  • A healthy supplement for weight loss by increasing the body’s calorie burning rate.
  • A way to assist with mental focus and maintaining calmness.
  • A natural way to support the fight against aging and disease.
  • A boost for cleansing and detoxifying the system.

This tea company’s matcha mission is to provide high quality products, sourced directly from the farm in Uji, Japan. Award-winning, organically grown and personally selected matcha that can be traced to the field it hailed from, making it so much more than just a green tea powder.

Amoda Teas

Amoda Tea are proud to advise that they truly know organic, ceremonial matcha and offer shade-grown and stone-ground product that is made specifically for the purist. Their ceremonial grade matcha tea comes directly from the source and is full flavored with bold umami and sweet notes.

Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea

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Best enjoyed as a pure tea for sipping, you can also use it in a smoothie mix or as a healthy matcha latte. This organic matcha tea is from Uji, Japan and you can even blend it with soy or almond milk.

Foaming thick and easy, this green tea is smooth and balanced, providing a fresh taste without grittiness or bitterness.

Monsoon Black Tea

Find it here:

A one of a kind, micro-batch tea made by small-scale farmers in Kenya, offered by JusTea and certified Fair Trade.

Light and smooth with layers of unique flavors, this hand-crafted tea was made by Jacob Matah, who has a 30 year tea history and is one of the most senior Kenyans in the tea industry.

Red Paradise Tea

Find it here:

This iced tea is offered by Tea Geek’ery and is the perfect balance of tart, sweet and tangy. A punch-style blend that has blueberries, mango, hibiscus and lemongrass to create a refreshing alternative to fruit juice. You can also enjoy this tea hot and it’s safe to share with the kids.

You can shop by collection or type at Amoda Tea, with plant powders and their own brand of turmeric tea also available.

Along with monthly tea boxes, 100% natural and biodegradable tea filters and tea accessories, you’re sure to find something different, rare or obscure with this tea curator/creator.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.