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5 Cannabis and Tea Pairings to Set Your Mind and Body at Ease

We all have our favorite foods, drinks and substances to turn to when either trying to unwind after a hectic day or to have a good time with friends.

Relaxing with a nice cup of tea can be enhanced by a puff of that other kind of “tea” whether the desired outcome is for leisurely, artistic or social purposes. Read on for our list of 5 Cannabis and Tea pairings to set your mind and body at ease.

Sativa Pairings for a Robust Boost

If you’re looking for a more energizing experience for use during the daytime, Sativa strains are more likely to deliver the goods, with higher THC counts that produce effects such as:

  • Increased focus and creativity
  • Relieving anxiety and depression
  • Assisting with reducing chronic pain
  • Increased serotonin which regulates learning and mood

Sour Tangie with Earl Grey Tea

This strain is a cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie, with tangy, citrus notes that pair well with a strong cup of Earl Grey: a tea that is infused with oil of bergamot that contains its own zesty, orange flavor blended into robust black tea.

These elements complement each other nicely, offering a creamy finish and elevating buzz.

Quantum Kush with Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is an African red bush tea that is enhanced with a puff or two of Quantum Kush, which is sweet and pungent with a flowery aftertaste.

High THC content makes this mix of Sweet Irish Kush and Timewreck a formidable and earthy blend, providing a strong, yet clear-headed effect that goes swimmingly with the sweet tones of Rooibos tea.

Indica Pairings for Deep Relaxation

Providing a deep body relaxation with lower THC and higher CBD effects, Indica strains are perfect for night time use, with properties that include:

  • A decrease in acute pain and nausea
  • Increased mental and muscle relaxation
  • Stirring the appetite
  • Increased dopamine that helps with pleasurable feelings

Skywalker x Lemon OG with Green Tea

Choose a lightly caffeinated Green tea to sip with Skywalker x Lemon OG, which provides an anti-anxiety effect that also enhances creativity.

Described as a smoke that brings on the giggles, this light-hearted pairing will do well to disperse the stresses of the day, creating a spicy, earthy and inspirational experience with citrus notes.

Blue Shark CBD with Ginger Tea

This is an Indica dominant blend with earthy, sweet notes making it a perfect marriage when smoked in between sips of spicy Ginger tea.

Not overly intoxicating, Blue Shark CBD offers a clear-headed smoke with hints of fruit while alleviating stress, making this pairing a delicious combination that cleanses and relaxes at the same time.

Hybrid Strains for a Balanced Effect

Hybrids are a mix of Indicas and Sativas, providing characteristics that are relaxing and stimulating for any time you want a balanced, yet heady experience.

White Widow with Jasmine Silver Needle Tea

Jasmine Silver Needle is a white tea that is soft and naturally sweet, making it a gentle partner for the White Widow, which is a cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and South Indian indica, known to be resin-heavy.

Popular in Dutch coffee shops, White Widow offers potent euphoria that is balanced by the calming notes of this lovely white tea.

When it comes to pairing cannabis with tea, there are countless combinations that can easily be experimented with to create your own preferred effects, depending on what you’re looking for.

Considering the fact that both of these elements are popular for those wanting to relax and unwind, you’re only limited by your imagination.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.