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20 Best Teas For Headaches? We’ve Got You Covered!

Best teas for headaches you ask? Chamomile and Peppermint are some of the best teas for headaches, but I have a selection of herbal teas that can help you soothe your head, relax the body & mind and taste great too!

best teas for headaches

Headaches are awful, irrelevant of when you get them or how bad they are. Headaches are never welcome! Never!

Sure there are ways to completely block the pain, and by no means is this medical advice. But, this selection will help you relax & unwind and get the body in chill mode to help deal with this horrible headache.

These are the tried and tested teas that have been around for centuries and are known for their relaxing and soothing properties.

Let’s dive into it.

Best Teas for Headaches

Chamomile is top of the list for a few reasons, it’s soothing, it’s calming, it tastes great & it is easy to make. You can literally just buy it everywhere, be it bags or the loose flower, and steep them in boiling water & you’re ready to go.

Chamomile is known to reduce inflammation which can be causing a headache. It also destresses the body and mind by relaxing the nervous system and reducing stress and anxiety. Did I mention it is great for digestion too!

There are so many different brands and types of chamomile teas out there. I cover them in the Best Chamomile Tea article, if you’d like to enhance your chamomile education, alternatively, read on…

Top 3 Chamomile Teas For Headaches

We’ve long been fans of Tazo teas, sure they did sell out to Unilever, but this has enabled quality control at scale. Secondly, they have moved forward strongly & support some incredible charities too.

Our pick, the Tazo tea is absolutely divine and does have the added benefits of hibiscus, rose petals, and spearmint too. Sure it’s a tea bag, as opposed to loose leaf and I know some of you will be against it for that reason, but the flavor is a standout!

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Top 3 Peppermint Teas for Headaches

Good old peppermint tea…

Peppermint (Mentha × piperita) is an aromatic herb in the mint family. It’s a cross between watermint and spearmint and is another of our all-time favorite teas for so many reasons.

Peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant and can relieve pain too.

Now, peppermint tea has been known to assist in tension headaches, the most common form of headache. How?

Peppermint has phenol & flavonoids which aid in reducing inflammation in the body that could be contributing to your headache. In addition, when you steep the peppermint tea in hot water the essential oils are released in a very subtle gentle way.

Peppermint is also very gentle on the stomach, aids in digestion & helps hydrate the body nicely.

Although peppermint oil can be very strong on the body, the amount of peppermint oil released when making peppermint tea is minimal, soft, and soothing.

The aroma of the peppermint tea is also calming and yes, this is a herbal tea, has no caffeine is present, and is one of the best teas for headaches.

Check out our top pics below.

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Top 3 Ginger Teas For Headaches

Does your headache have anything to do with your gut? Ginger could help.

Ginger had long been known to be great for the gut, be warming, soothing & overall a great natural remedy for nausea. Originally, ginger was used in South East Asia as a remedy for nausea and it has slowly become westernized for its taste and soothing benefits.

Below is one favorite I have in the cupboard when I don’ want to make ginger tea fresh. It’s easy, yummy, and perfect with a dash of honey.

Although if you have access to fresh ginger, let’s explore how to make a quick and healthy ginger tea…

Yogi Tea - Ginger Tea (4 Pack) - Supports Healthy Digestion - Soothing and Spicy Blend - Caffeine Free - 64 Organic Herbal Tea Bags

How To Make Ginger Tea At Home

Ingredients: 1 nickel size piece of ginger per person (we’ll assume this is for one cup)

Utensils needed: Grater or Chopping Knife, Peeler, Strainer & 2 Teacups.

Step 1: Peel the flaky skin off the ginger.

Step 2: Boil the kettle (pre-heat the cup with hot water whilst the kettle is boiling)

Step 3: Grate or chop the ginger, releasing the juices.

Step 4: Place the grated ginger in the hot teacup, half fill with boiling water, and cover for 5mins.

Step 5: Boil kettle again and pour into the cup until the strength is just right.

Step 6: Pour the cup of ginger water into the other cup ( not pre-warmed) through the strainer.

Step 7: It will be hot, blow the tea and leave a minute or two then enjoy!

NB: The idea here is that the ginger can get quite strong, so it is best to add water to it and try.

Optional Steps:

  • Add a small dash of honey to make it yummier.
  • Add freshly crushed mint leaves in the cup with the grated ginger for added calming benefits
  • Add a slice of lemon to add some vitamin C and a little zest to the cup.

Top 3 Clove Teas For Headaches

Cloves are a beautiful pungent Spice that originated in Indonesia and is often found in different chai tea mixtures.

The Chinese used cloves in their cooking as part of their traditional medicine and also as a mouth antiseptic too.

Fun Fact: Sucking on cloves near an aching tooth will numb the area, this is a common treatment for toothaches & infections in India & Nepal. However, let’s get back to tea….

Cloves have been shown to reduce headache pain & and are full of antiviral properties that protect against illness. However, we prefer to drink our clove tea, pre-portioned in bags as portioning yourself can result in the flavor easily being too strong and overpowering.

Clove tea is marketed as weight loss tea too, although I have never drunk it for that reason, but hey, a great addition.

Our top pics are…

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Now that you know about cloves, that they are one of the best teas for headaches, let’s look into Tumeric Tea…

Note to self: Be careful and don’t wear your favorite white t-shirt when brewing any type of turmeric tea! #itstains!

Top 3 Tumeric Teas For Headaches

tumeric tea for headaches

Tumeric is powerful.

Well, the curcumin inside of Tumeric is powerful. Curcumin has been highly researched into its benefits in relation to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

In summary, curcumin is all about tackling inflammation in the body. Think inflammation has spurred on that headache, turmeric could help.

This is a great clip on how to make turmeric tea at home…

As you can see above, making it is a bit of a commitment.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome way to make Tumeric Tea, it just takes time and is a touch fiddly.

If you’re like us and would prefer a teabag for this type to tea instead, there are some amazing products out there on the market.

Check out our three top Tumeric Teas for headaches…

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Top 3 Lavender Teas For Headaches

Lavender is renowned for being soothing, comforting & great for headaches, and is used in many forms, from oil to incense, to the dried flower itself.

Lavender tea refers to the dried version of theis beautiful flower, which Is perfectly paired with peppermint and or chamomile to make the ultimate soothing blend.

Again, like curcumin, lavender is known for reducing inflammation and supporting and soothing the body.

As freshly dried lavender is not easy to grab in the supermarket, let’s look at our three favorite lavender teas.

And our three favorite lavender teas are…

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

What About Other Herbal Teas for Headaches?

As a general rule, any herbal tea, if it soothes you can be one of the best teas for headaches, relieve you, and comfort you.

If you are soothed by Lemon Balm or Rose Hip, and either of these could comfort you, brew it up!

However, there are teas to avoid when you have a headache…

Teas To Avoid When You Have a Headache

If you have a headache, avoid any tea that has caffeine. Stay away from black tea, green tea, and even white tea. Well not so fast…

When you consume caffeine you narrow the blood vessels surrounding the brain and when you stop drinking caffeine the blood vessels enlarge. Knowing this and researching further, for some people caffeine triggers headaches for others it soothes. However as a general rule, caffeinated teas are not the best tea for a headache, and there are so many delightful tea options to explore before them.

So what now?

Best Teas For Headaches: Conclusion

There is a beautiful array of herbal teas to assist your body when you have a headache.

The best teas for headaches are either chamomile or peppermint and both are readily available, well priced, soothing, and calming.

I hope you kick that headache away and enjoy a cup of your favorite tea!

Happy Sipping!

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