How Turmeric Tea Can Benefit Your Health

Few things in this world are as soothing as a good cup of tea to relax with after a difficult day, but the health benefits of tea are worth exploring as well. You’ve got your choices; a tea can be found to appease nearly any palate. You can make tea out of just about anything, and turmeric is no exception. Turmeric is a cross cultural spice that has been used in medicinal teas for years – and with good reason. Turmeric health benefits include its anti-inflammatory properties, qualities that aid in digestion, and more.

Turmeric Health Benefits

There is an extraordinary extract that comes from the Turmeric root called Curcumin, this extremely effective antioxidant does wonders for our health. By adding turmeric to your diet through cooking or through the increasingly popular Turmeric tea, you can help fortify your immune system and strengthen your body against disease, infection and even inflammation.

Turmeric Tea’s Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

One of the main health benefits of turmeric is its effect on inflammation in the body. Turmeric tea has long been used to help with rheumatoid arthritis – an inflammation of the joints and cartilage. Additionally, turmeric promotes healing with cuts and open sores, and reduces the risk of infection. This is because turmeric contains enzyme inhibitors for COX-2, a naturally produced enzyme that promotes swelling and pain in the event of some sort of stimuli (cuts, infections, etc). This anti-inflammatory property is also what makes turmeric a great cancer fighting agent – it slows down the production of the cancerous cells. Cancer development is directly affected by inflammation, in fact chronic inflammation is leading cause of cancerous development and growth.

Digestive & Liver Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

Anti-inflammatory use is not the only turmeric health benefit. Digestion is a big deal when it comes to feeling good – some people won’t get out of bed if their tummy hurts. Our bodies immune function relies heavily on our digestive system working properly. Turmeric is known to stimulate the gallbladder, aiding in easing indigestion and heartburn. In traditional medicine, it was also used to treat ulcers and gallstones. Turmeric also acts as a liver flush – it removes toxins and bile from the liver’s system, making it function better and more efficiently. Remember that if you have any kind of problem with your stomach, gallbladder or liver, you want to visit with your doctor before you start adding turmeric tea to your diet.

Brain Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

One more health benefit  that was not mentioned before is the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s is the result of the buildup of plaque, called amyloids on the brain. Turmeric has several enzymatic blockers that prevent beta-amyloid (the substance responsible for the plaque build up) from being formed, therefore slowing down the symptoms and allowing the brain to maintain its function. This means that while Alzheimer’s is neither curable or reversible, it can be slowed down and manageable with a  little dietary help. Studies show that along with Alzheimer’s, turmeric could potentially help those that suffer from other disorders like multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

The In’s and Out’s of Turmeric Tea

So, in addition to being a tasty tea, turmeric health benefits are numerous and varied. Preventing Alzheimer’s and relieving arthritis are both big tasks that many people need help with – and perhaps the rest of us could just do to relax, relieve indigestion and cleanse our bodies. If you are concerned about your health or you simply like to keep your body in tip top shape, cleanse yourself of harmful toxins and significantly improve your overall health. All through a delicious tea you would likely be enjoying for the aromatic, luxurious qualities it possesses aside from the health benefits.

Adding the health benefits of turmeric to your tea can be as simple as adding a teaspoon of ground turmeric and ginger to an already made cup of black or green tea, but you can also buy powdered instant turmeric teas in your health food grocery store. If you haven’t given Turmeric tea a try yet, now is the time! Add a little bit of spice to your next cup and harness the many benefits of turmeric tea.