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Yunnan Sourcing Offers an Authentic Chinese Tea Experience

Yunnan Sourcing is based in both Kunming, China and Portland, U.S. and since 2004, this high-end tea company has provided excellent, quality teas, such as Black, Green and Yunnan Pu-erh.

They are also devoted to being the most affordable and the best source for small label, brand name and specialty teas from the Yunnan Province of China.

It’s all about Yunnan

Ever since Scott Wilson was a child, he had an attraction to China, which was brought about by his family trips every year to Hong Kong, in the 1980’s. He began to study Chinese martial arts and was fascinated with King Fu movies.

Graduating in the mid 90’s, Scott traveled to China again and ended up staying over a year. His love for the region was rekindled and in 1998 he returned, with a degree in Chinese history, and made his way through Yunnan to experience the culture.

After 6 months, he had learned a lot about Yunnan tea and brought a large amount with him when he went back to the U.S. intending to sell it, but he and his friends ended up drinking it all.

It wasn’t until 2004 when he once again returned to Yunnan and founded Yunnan Sourcing, which has become a trusted brand all over the world, delivering top notch quality teas and tea wares from Kunming.

Scott and his wife lived in Kunming, China for over ten years, building the business and developing their love for the region’s many varieties of tea.

Yunnan Sourcing rises to the top levels of the Pu-erh market

Scott is deeply grateful for all his loyal customers who supported this tea company by providing helpful feedback and suggestions.

Spending most of his time visiting the largest Pu-erh trading centers on the globe, Scott has a tea room in the Kunming wholesale tea market, where drinking tea is the main focus.

Yunnan Sourcing has a library of over 600 Pu-erh teas for their customers to try and after cementing the tea company’s status as one of the top quality tea companies in the world, they’ve expanded into Taiwanese teas, which is considered a complex and sophisticated category in the market.

This sister company is known as Taiwan Sourcing.

All the Bells and Whistles

This high-class tea company has a fan group on Facebook, where their tea lovers discuss the many joys of drinking premium Chinese tea.

Joining the Yunnan Sourcing tea club with a $30 or $50 membership gives you selections of their delicious teas mailed to you each month, or if you’d prefer, a tea box so you can sample before you sign up.

This company also offers pottery, tea wares and other products that enhance the tea experience.

Yunnan Sourcing’s website has loads to offer, including links to their factories and tea guides for the serious tea aficionado. You’ll get lost in the huge variety of tea available and entranced by the authentic Chinese packaging and gorgeous pictures of their sumptuous products.

You’ll feel like you’re shopping in a massive, online, authentic tea market, which is great for both this tea company and their customers, as they are close to the source so they can offer their high-quality products at great prices.

Yunnan Sourcing Teas

Dong Ding Competition Grade “Emperor” Roasted Oolong Tea

Dong Ding Competition tea had its auspicious beginnings in 1976, when the Oolong tea maestro Zhen-Duo Wu reigned supreme. He supervised the competition which was held by the Lugu Farmer’s Association.

Mr. Wu was apparently able to tell the difference between two identical teas and named them both first place, giving the competition its trusted reputation.

Yunnan Sources is proud to present their line of competition tea at affordable prices, sourced from the remote, deep mountain in Dong Ding, which has an altitude of 900 meters.

This tea and its development is close to what Dong Ding tea was over 35 years ago, making it sweet and rich, due to the gentle roasting performed by Master Zhou. A Taiwanese tea, Yunnan Sourcing decided to call it ‘Emperor’ instead of ‘King’, like their previous Competition Dong Ding tea.

Reviewers advise that this delicious tea hints at rock sugar, orchid and vegetable garden.

Full-bodied and vital, with a smooth roasted flavor reminiscent of crisp, fresh sprouts, this tea is refreshing and warming at the same time. The flavor has also been likened to nutty, with a sweet aftertaste.

2017 Yunnan Sourcing “Bang Dong Zi Cha” Purple Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

If you’re looking for something a little different, then this Purple raw Pu-erh tea cake by Yunnan Sourcing is sure to surprise you. Sourced from the small Bang Dong village in the county of Mengku, Lincang prefecture, this tea is grown at an altitude of 1600 meters.

Three families pick the tea from their ancestral gardens, where the tea trees have been growing naturally for between 80-200 years.

Collected from the purple-tinged leave and stem trees, this tea is distinctive in comparison to the other non-purple varieties growing alongside, with a fruity character that has less bitterness and more sweetness.

These tea cakes are created by using low-temperature drying and a stone press, which preserves the integrity of the tea.

Reviewed as a balanced taste, even when steeping more than once, this tea is full-bodied – even pungent. With a hint of raw vegetable and sheng, this tea is considered refreshing and cooling, which might make it better in the Summer for some who might run cold.

Certified Organic “Yunnan Silver Needles” White Tea

If certified organic is important to you, then this white tea on offer from Yunnan Sourcing could be your next favorite cup. Grown in the area of Simao, this silver needles tea is grown at an altitude of 1260 meters near Mulihe Village on Wan Zhang Mountain.

Some say it’s a healthy tea due to the high levels of antioxidants. Using simple, air-drying methods, this tea has very little withering and has a pleasing yellow/green color when brewed.

Some say it’s akin to a golden-yellow tea soup, due to its rich and full-bodied texture, leaving a mouth-feel that is creamy and viscous. Sweet like sugarcane and hinting at wheatgrass, you don’t have to worry about astringency or bitterness.

Yunnan Sourcing is an exceptional tea company, with many new products being developed and new varieties of quality teas. Decorative and thoughtful packaging contribute to making their teas and products an interesting gift for discerning tea sippers.

This tea company’s customers also appreciate the personal touch that Scott provides, due to how deeply grateful he is for his valued client base. This dedication and patience is one of the many factors involved in the high-level customer experience Yunnan Sourcing generates.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.