Tea Journals: Well, Let’s Just Say This Was THE Best Sweet Mint Tea I’ve Ever Made

Once again, here’s a tea journal submission from a reader who tried Hampstead Tea Organic Mint Green Tea and shared their favorite way to enjoy it.

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So I’m going to admit that I only use these as a base, don’t get me wrong they’re really good, but they make the meanest and most amazing mint and honey sweet tea come summer. I stumbled across this stuff by accident, I simply ran out of tea and was in TJX and it was cheap while standing in line.

Figured it was worth a shot at the price. Now I’m lucky to find it online and can’t get it anywhere local. I really adore this blend, it’s one of my favorites even if I only use it for sweet iced tea.

So first I have to explain: I grow a LOT of mint in the summer, plant one sprig and you will have a flower bed full within a year . I usually take a whole colander of fresh mint, about 6 of these tea bags and two table spoons of raw local honey and steep from boiling until the water is tepid then strain and ice.

Best Sweet Mint Tea

If it’s late in the summer I’ll add a few teaspoons of peppermint simple syrup since the mint loses flavor. That being said I only threw the bags in because I was out of the usual Bigelow’s mint bags I use which I will now never buy again unless I have to since this has spoiled me.

So opening the individual sachets was a pain but the reward was a tea smelling very sweet and aromatic.

I was really happy with that alone since I like it very very minty and never find anything that’s going enough flavor for my preference. It was a light and fresh scent that had a hint of sweetness which is just how mint should be.

The packaging was a really nice snazzy foil too so no skimping even if it was cheap. When I started brewing the pot it’s hard to tell how much of the smell was the tea and how much was the massive amount of fresh mint that I put in.

It did smell really good though, and not at all chemically so I really believe in the organic quality of this even if I’d never heard of the brand before.

Taste wise, well let’s just say this was THE best sweet mint tea I’ve ever made. It was similar to Sweet Leaf’s mint tea by the time I was finished.

The taste was very smooth, fresh and light. I was energized afterwards and despite being excited (well I made perfect tea so who wouldn’t be) the tea wasn’t highly caffeinated even for a green tea blend. It’s supposed to be good for digestion but I didn’t notice anything there.

The only after taste was a sweet minty fresh heaven. The smell always reminds me of summer, anything really minty does, and this had a fresh summer smell that hasn’t been beaten yet.

The only change I’ve made since with this is that I’ve upped it to being 8 bags and I also add in about a cup of dried mint leaves too when making a gallon. It’s more concentrated that way so once you add the ice it doesn’t get diluted and lose flavor. I think adding that extra two bags does help as it has bit more green tea taste to it.