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Verdant Tea is a Marketplace for Traditional Chinese Family Tea Farms

After their big move to China, Verdant Tea has refocused on more traditional teas, after discontinuing their more Westernized line of blended teas. They work very closely with small family owned and operated tea farms in China, and have some very unique offerings available.

Here’s a look at one of their teas…

Their Laoshan Black tea has a rating of 96 on RateTea, where user b22johansen described it as follows (excerpt):

“My first impression is that of burnt sugar/caramel. The liquor is a beautiful light golden brown color. The aroma is like a huge wave of burnt caramel and chocolate hitting all of your senses. The taste is a more balanced version of the aroma. There is robust flavors of burnt caramel, dark chocolate, honey, and some generic fruit flavors.” 

“Real pioneers & leaders in Laoshan’s tea commmunity, the He family hand picks their tea from their 15 acre farm, hand finished in their own small workshop.” via Verdant Tea.

Telling The Stories Behind the Teas

As you can tell from their product pages, they put a ton of effort into their product listings and it shows. Tons of great photos, very detailed instructions on exactly how to make the perfect cup of each tea, whether you you prepare it gongfu style, western style, and even iced/cold brewed. We’re really impressed by the level of effort that goes into the telling the story of each of their teas.

Not only the stories of the teas themselves are emphasized, but the lives and stories of the families that grow and harvest and process the teas. You can tell that there is a lot of pride taken in these teas, from start to finish.

Alternatives to Verdant Tea

While Verdant Tea is a popular, successful brand that sells a number of very nice teas, we’ve also seen some discussions that some of their prices are higher than companies with similar offers, or that you can find higher quality teas for the same price. In either case, here are a few brands that are often mentioned as alternatives to Verdant.

At the end of the day, we’re not here to turn you off of Verdant Tea, in fact we have featured various teas of theirs at different times on this very site. If you’re curious to check them out, please do! They offer sample packs, and a lot more, and overall seem like a very decent company.

Just remember that when it comes to selling anything, and especially tea, the STORY plays a huge part – but it’s not everything. Whether or not you trust the story behind a particular tea, you can still enjoy it and find some excellent options.

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