Which Tea Subscription Service? Let’s Compare Boxes

Treat yourself, or give the gift of a cuppa. These monthly tea subscription boxes are picked and for you to brew. You don’t even have to leave your home to purchase.

Most tea subscriptions are shipped monthly, but some are bi-monthly or quarterly. For tea subscriptions in this list, U.S. shipping is included in the price.

Verdant Tea

Each box is curated by one of six partner family farms in China. What is most unique about this tea club, is that each month is entirely different from the last. Because each farmer gets to assemble the box, there will be anywhere from 3-15 different samples in each box. Some farmers decide to offer a wide variety of samples, while others want to give you a good taste of what they do. Each box contains a total of at least 75g or more of tea.

In the package:
3-15 tea samples
75g of tea total

$30 for 1 month
$90 for 3 months
$165 for 6 months
$330 for 12 months

Art of Tea Subscription 

Art of Tea is a tea importer and wholesaler based out of Los Angeles, California. With a focus on Fair Trade, sustainability and fresh teas picked by hand, Art of Tea monthly subscription options include: Loose Leaf, Iced Teas, Sachet Teabags, Wellness, Signature Teas and Caffeine Free Options.

$18 for 1 month
$97 for 6 months
$180 for 12 months

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Box

Simple Loose Leaf’s Tea Box Club sends 4-6 different loose leaf teas each month. A unique component of Simple Loose Leaf’s club, is that if you find something you like, you receive 50% off the purchase from their store while you are a member of the club. 

In the package:
4 loose leaf teas (black, green, herbal, surprise)
Tea pouches

$13.99 for 1 month (first month $3.99)
$38.97 for 3 months
$71.94 for 6 months

Capital Teas of the Month Club 

Capital Teas, founded in 2007 offers over 200 different specialty tea options. Capital Teas has a few different options for subscription services, that can be purchased in 3, 6, and 12 month memberships. Subscribers can choose four tea options: green, black, herbal, and a variety pack.

In the package:
2 oz. packages
3 different teas

$79 for 3 months
$149 for 6 months
$269 for 12 months

Adagio Tea of the Month Club

Adagio Teas has several options for loose leaf tea subscriptions. Packages can be bought in 6 and 12 month units, with price breaks for purchasing in bulk. Subscribers can choose between flavored, herbal, white, black, decaf, and green tea subscription options. Shipments are sent out with two months in one box. This tea club is unique in that it lists out the tea selections for the entire month, removing the mystery from the service.

In the package:
In each bi-monthly shipment, there are two different tea selections, and enough tea for 75 cups.

$59-$69 for 6 months
$99-&119 for 12 months

Tevana Tea of the Month Subscription

Tevana has two options for tea subscriptions, in the form of a month-to-month, and a 3 month subscription. Tevana has a unique component where each shipment features a core tea, and two different complementary teas that pair with the core tea. Boxes are mailed on the first Tuesday of every month.

In the package:
4 oz of the core tea
2 x 2oz of complementary teas

$40 for 1 month
$100 for 3 months

The Whistling Kettle 

The Whistling Kettle has eight different options for tea subscriptions: green, caffeine free, black, wellness, tea tasting, discovery, pure, and flavored teas. All subscriptions are available in 3, 6, or 12 month units.

In the package:
1-2 loose leaf teas
2-4 oz.
Tea Information
Product Catalog

$38-62 for 3 months
$72-106 for 6 months
$208-222 for 12 months

The Tea Spot Tea Clubs 

The Tea Spot send 4 shipments every 3 months for a year, with seasonality kept in mind. Spring teas are light, Summer teas are iced, Fall has a theme of warm teas, and Winer features teas deemed as “cozy”.

In the package:
16 oz. Steeping mug (initial shipment only)
Tea Information
8-12 oz.
3+ teas

$42.95-54.95 for 4 shipments every 3 months

The Republic of Tea, Tea of the Month

The Republic of Tea has 5 options for tea subscriptions: Citizens’ Favorites Tea of the Month, Green Tea of the Month, Caffeine- Free Decaf Tea of the Month, Wellness Tea of the Month, and Full-Leaf Experience Tea of the Month.

In the package:
10 oz Dream by the Fire Red Dancing Leaves Mug with lid and stainless steel infuser (initial shipment)
1 tin of The Republic of Tea (36-50 tea bags, or approx. 3.5 oz)

$90-$120 for 6 months
$160-$170 for 12 months

Tea Box Express

The Tea Box Express subscription box features more than just loose leaf tea, you never know exactly what you’ll uncover in your box. They have cookies, jams, tea accessories, mints, tea infusers, and lots more.

In the package: 

Varies month to month. Past boxes have typically included some tea, some sort of infuser or accessory, and several sweet treats.


1 month – $25.50

6 months – $139

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