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Thoughts on Tea as a Replacement for Coffee?

If you follow Tea Perspective regularly, you’ll know that we mostly cover all things tea related, but we also veer into the world of coffee fairly often as well. This is kind of a rambling post and it’s not very meaty, just some quick thoughts (heads up.)

While there are people who will only drink tea and never touch coffee, or the other way around,  there’s also a lot of cross-over. Some people are introduced to tea as an alternative to coffee, maybe they’re looking for something that won’t give them that coffee-crash midday or that won’t give them coffee stains on their teeth (although tea can also mark your teeth), or just for some different flavors to explore.

I don’t like to think of it as coffee vs tea, since they are both excellent drinks (and don’t forget about the other cousin, yerba mate), but there are some valid reasons to drink tea instead of coffee if you’re trying to quit coffee.

Caffeine in coffee and tea is generally stronger in coffee, about twice as strong, give or take. For people who want to drink a great quantity of their beverage without overdoing it on caffeine, that’s a point for tea. For people who are looking for a jolt first thing in the morning, tea is going to be more subtle so that’s a point for coffee.

As far as acidity goes, coffee and tea are similar, depending on the type of tea and how it was processed. Here’s more information on that.

Health benefits of ‘Coffee vs Tea’

So here’s where things get interesting and controversial.

There are studies about the health benefits of both drinks, but there are also all sorts of wild claims and people twisting and turning those studies to fit their own agendas. You have to be really careful, read beyond the headlines, and realize that a lot of people are actively trying to mislead you, whether it’s a certain Dr. On television, or elsewhere.

One year coffee is in, the next year it’s out, one year green tea is literally curing every single disease known to man, and so on and so forth… so take health claims about drinks with a grain of salt, and as much as you can, if you’re going to be drinking or not drinking either one based on new studies, actually read the study. When these studies go “viral” and you start seeing them on entertainment blogs, on the evening news, and so on.. it’s a safe bet that a fair chunk of the people covering them haven’t read them, or maybe aren’t even really qualified to read a study to determine a conclusion.

We always say that the best reason to drink tea is because you enjoy it, not because you’re looking for a cure for something (other than stress, and the like.) There are studied benefits of tea, and coffee, and there are also other studies pointing out dangers as well. At the end of the day, if you’re smoking a pack a day and eating most cheeseburgers, don’t think that “cancer-fighting green tea” is going to make it all okay. It’s about balance, and moderation, with anything… even tea and coffee.


With coffee and tea, you can do so much with both. You can make lattes with tea, not just espresso. You can cook, especially desserts, with both. If bulletproof coffee is your think, you can make bulletproof tea the same way you’d mix your coconut oil in coffee – just use tea instead.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to cut back on your coffee for whatever reason, tea is a great alternative with an increidble amount of flavors and traits to try and enjoy.

As far as different ways to make tea and coffee, both have some really unique and “easier” methods, along with more complex ways. A sun tea jar is a great way to make iced tea outside, and coffee fans can make cold brew.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.