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This Simple Little Modification Can Take Your Coffee To The Next Level

If you buy pre-ground coffee beans, and either keep them in the cupboard or ideally the freezer, we’re not saying you can’t enjoy a decent cup of coffee, but you’re never going to have a GREAT cup of coffee.

When it comes to coffee, afficianados have all sorts of preferences. Did you know that purists don’t really consider it ‘espresso’ unless it comes from a super high-end machine that typically costs around $1500, and with beans that were freshly ground with a high-end grinder than can easily cost over $500? On top of that, they seek out beans that were JUST roasted as freshly as possible, grown in certain parts of the world depending on the weather and temperure during the most recent harvest. It gets really extreme…

But you don’t have to go THAT crazy to have a great cup.

Let’s spill the beans…

The one take away from elite espresso freaks that everyone can implement is simply to use freshly ground beans. Even if you aren’t making an espresso, and especially if you don’t have some coffee grinder that costs more than your rent, you can still punch up your coffee in a huge way.

The difference between buying ground beans and buying whole beans and grinding them yourself is probabally the easiest, and single biggest impact you can have on the taste and quality of your morning coffee without going into the deep end.

On top of that, you don’t need one of those super fancy $500 coffee grinders, because a regular burr grinder is plenty good for using with your coffee maker, your French press, your pour over, your Aeropress, or however you make your coffee in the morning. Do you like to add a little butter/oil to your coffee? Here’s how to do it without a blender

You can find a basic coffee grinder for as low as $10, all the way up to thousands of dollar, but again: you don’t need the high end stuff unless you’re looking to make a top-notch espresso. The reason? Great espresso requires beans that are ground not only very finely, but also to the exact same size and consistency. If some beans are ground larger or smaller than others, the steam is able to find a path through it more easily, which isn’t what you’re after.

Grinding your coffee beans fresh before brewing your cup improves the taste and quality because the first time the insides of those beans are being exposed to air, they’re immediately being brewed, there’s no time for them to go stale at all. There are certain gasses that are released when the coffee beans are ground, according to coffee connisseurs, and if you let the beans sit for too long, or buy pre-ground coffee, you’re missing out on those flavors.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.