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This Caffeine-Free Tea Helps People Focus Better Than Coffee

Meet ‘Get Smart’, a green tea by the good folks over at Republic of Tea. This tea was recently featured over at Bon Appetit, where Claire Margine described it as “The Caffeine-Free Tea That Helps Me Focus More Than Coffee Ever Could”. That’s pretty high-praise, even if her description of the taste isn’t necessarily the most appetizing:

“Get Smart from The Republic of Tea tastes like a boiled slice of that dried cranberry loaf cake that everyone crushes on around Thanksgiving. It’s not sweet but it’s definitely fruity, with tea bags that smell like a flavored drugstore lipgloss or a very pungent Bath and Body Works lotion.” 

After drinking this tea for two months, Claire says it has helped shape her mental edges, and given her a boost when she’s already in the flow. She attributes  this tea with helping her turn brain fog into a stack of completed work, and

Bottom line? “It’s like a weird productivity Christmas. Bottoms up,” says Claire.

She says this tea has a blend of circulation-boosting, memory-improving, and stress-reducing ingredients and that drinking this tea helps clear the fog away, with a different impact than simply drinking coffee, and none of the downsides of a large caffeine intake.

In other words, she says that this tea “encourages you to relax your way into focus instead of trying to gulp lightning and up your heart rate to get you to the finish line.”

Check out the tea below:

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