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The Tea Smith Wants You To Remember That “It’s a Big World, Drink It Up”

Established in 1983, The Tea Smith has been offering fresh teas that are orthodox and some that are not so familiar, with a focus on making the experience fun and affordable.

With more than 150 tea variations to choose from, they ensure that all their teas are handcrafted by owner Tim Smith and his “tea smithies” located at Omaha, NE.

The Tea Smith and Where it all Began

Tim Smith wasn’t always a tea drinker, but that all changed when his wife introduced him to his first cup. This led to a trip to Japan, where they observed their first tea ceremony. The celebration of tea and the honor surrounding the concept of tea drinking planted the first seed for their tea business.

While they traveled through the United States, their passion was reignited while sharing properly prepared tea with their guests.

They soon discovered that is was difficult to source good quality tea, so they established their own business that led to the emulation of Old World craftsmanship in offering fine teas to serious tea sippers.

The Tea Smith’s motto is “It’s a Big World, Drink It Up.” They provide quality loose leaf and herbal teas, tisanes and blends created from botanicals sourced from the finest tea gardens all over the world.

Their goals are simple:

  • To provide accurate information about tea

Every employee at The Tea Smith participates in continuous education so that they can answer their customers questions accurately. They believe that listening to their customers helps with writing the rest of their story.

The Tea Smith and The After 5 Menu

Bringing tea to happy hour is another way this company shares their passion for quality tea.

Their Omaha-based teahouse offers a fun menu of creative drinks to introduce people to the world of tea. Their signature tea concoctions are partnered with delicious finger foods for those who don’t want to go to a regular bar or restaurant.

With options such as Tea Affogato – a vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of hot tea and variations which include matcha and a drizzle of honey or chai with a sprinkle of cinnamon – The Tea Smith also offers alcohol-free mocktails.

Other after 5 menu items include:

  • Jasmine Tea Mojito – with jasmine green tea, sugar and mint
  • Gunpowder Margarita – with Chinese pinhead gunpowder green tea, sugar and lime
  • Pina Colada – with jasmine green tea, pineapple, coconut and ice
  • Matcha Frappe – with Japanese matcha, milk and whipped cream

The Tea Smith Teas

Every season, this company searches for unique flavors to compliment the time of year, creating seasonal blends of great tea which exist in scarce quantities. Along with black, white, green, oolong, pu-erh and chai – they also provide delicious iced teas, Fruit Tea Smoothies and Bubble Tea.

Happiness and Joy Flowering Green Tea

For those who love sharing an artistic way of enjoying tea, this creation includes two towers of chrysanthemum amaranth and jasmine which slowly blossom before your eyes.

With beautifully deep colors and the refreshing flavor of green tea, your guests will be impressed with a work of art that’s also delicious.

Araksa Silk Thai Black Tea

This black tea is sourced from Araksa, creating a delicately smooth experience that is considered more nuanced and complex than regular black tea.

The leaves are plucked from lush, vibrant gardens and have a heady aroma that is pleasing, with the inclusion of buds to compliment this decadent blend.

Butterfly Pea and Lemon Herbal Tea

The Butterfly pea has a unique flower that creates a vibrant blue infusion, hailing from Thailand and blended with lemongrass for a bright, refreshing flavor. With zero caffeine, this herbal tea has another surprise in store when lemon juice is added, as the hue changes to purple.

The Tea Smith have a lot more to offer when you visit their website, such as unique tea wares, gift baskets, sampler sets and a tea of the month membership.

They also provide signature and seasonal blends, organic and iced teas as well as an Expedition series crafted from their discoveries found all over the world.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.