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The Tao of Tea Still Creates Handcrafted Blends the Old School Way

The Tao of Tea was established in 1997 and is based in Portland, OR., where their intent to be a connecting thread for tea culture continues to blossom.

This tea company advises that – like Tao – the art of tea is universal, and to this end they strive to provide pure leaf teas brought about by tea enthusiasts from many countries and backgrounds.

The Artistry of The Tao of Tea

With a love of travel and learning, the Tao of Tea merchants endeavor to bring back a wide variety of specialty teas and herbal blends in their original form, without additives such as artificial flavors and preservatives.

A deep belief in the artistry of skillful, handcrafted tea is one of the main elements driving this tea brand. Preferring the old ways over mechanical and technology-driven production, Tao takes pride in their focus on offering teas that utilize traditional methods in their creation.

As merchants, this tea company works in unison with their growers to ensure pure and exceptional tea every season, sold in small batches to preserve freshness and flavor.

The Tao of Tea pledges to share products that are carefully made and to help educate their customers on tea origins, flavor vocabulary and processing methods.

Each of their tea houses, located in Portland, Oregon, has a different type of artistic design, flavor focus and essence of hospitality.

More than Organic and Fair Trade

This tea company believes that being organic isn’t enough, as the care of the tea plants and the soil they grow in have to be associated with adherence to the sustainability of the surrounding ecosystems.

Understanding that bio-diversity creates rich flavor, the Tao of Tea are proud that they are one of the leading groups of companies who offer truly organic teas while seeking to raise awareness of sustainable farming methods.

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This company was also among the first tea companies to join the Fair Trade movement in the United States. A strong belief in being socially conscious shepherds the selection and processing of their pure leaf teas, while working towards a healthy environment through actions that support it.

Sourcing botanicals and purchasing teas at above-market prices helps raise social premiums for tea communities.

Establishing relationships and partnerships with tea people enriches the appreciation of various tea cultures, which shines forth in their beautiful tea and the mindful packaging they use.

The Tao of Teas

This tea company’s website allows you to drill down by style, origin and attributes, with a vast array of specialty and earthy blends from pure and simple to exotic and rare.

Earl Grey Black Tea, Loose Leaf

Freshness is preserved in this delicious black tea which comes in a delightful tin. USDA Organic Certified, this handcrafted blend of Indian black tea from Nilgiri is infused with natural bergamot essence and blue malva flowers, giving a delicious, refreshing twist on the traditional Earl Grey.

Lavender Herbal Tea, Loose Leaf

If floral notes are what you’re after, then this lavish tea is sure to delight.

Produced from botanicals sourced in the U.S., this herbal tea is sweet, cooling and uplifting. Caffeine free and refreshing, with a calming effect due to the heavenly scent of pure lavender flowers, this product is an intriguing addition to your herbal tea collection.

Oregon Mint and Tulsi

Packaged in a box of pyramid sachets, this Oregon Mint and Tulsi is made from fresh Oregon peppermint, blended with Indian purple tulsi, also known as “Holy Basil”, considered a sacred herb and used in Ayurvedic medicine.

This tea is caffeine free and in 2017, won the New Product sofi™ award of the Specialty Food Association in the Hot Beverage Category. Flavorful and invigorating, you’ll enjoy the sweet, minty taste and aroma that hints at cinnamon and fresh basil.

The Tao of Tea has a lot to offer, including tea cakes and blossoming tea, iced tea blends, tea concentrates, sampler sets, tea wares and other delicacies. Visit their tea brewery on their website for more info about their bottled teas and herbal beverages.

If you’re a seasoned tea connoisseur, then this tea company is sure to delight.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.