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Traditional Tea Culture with the Red Blossom Tea Company

Located in San Francisco, CA and operating for over 30 years, the Red Blossom Tea Company has been in partnership with farmers and craftsmen in Taiwan and China, offering the best teas and tea ware they can find.

Always seeking sustainable, artisanal products, their goal is to make traditional tea culture available to everyone.

The Red Blossom Tea Company Approach

Sourcing directly from traditional farmers and crafters in rural areas, this company prefers to bypass the high prices and dubious claims of urban markets.

Acquiring their teas and tea wares from growers and crafters at their origin, they schedule their annual buying trips according to the Spring tea harvests.

From Fujian to Taiwan and Yunnan to Jiangsu, the Red Blossom Tea company ensures that the products they source encompass their dedication to quality and mindful craftsmanship.

With an expectation that every tea should be flavorful, fresh and free from harmful chemicals, this company selects only the best botanicals and products.

The Showroom

If you’re ever fortunate enough to be able to visit their store in the heart of San Francisco’s historic Chinatown, you’ll appreciate their dedication to tracing their teas back to the gardens and hands that nurtured and crafted their products. A visit to their showroom will afford you the opportunity to:

  • Explore their seasonally curated collections
  • Enjoy the atmosphere and culture of a neighborhood apothecary
  • Be connected and become acquainted with the teas you love
  • Discover 100 teas across three tea demonstration tables
  • Interact with knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Enjoy complimentary tastings

Preferring to use practical measures of quality as well as focusing on capturing the natural flavors and nuances of their tea, this company stands out from other tea sellers who like to imbue their products with magical properties or overblown medicinal benefits.

For the adventurous, the Red Blossom Tea Company can also give you access to personalized flights for a more in-depth tasting experience.

The Red Blossom Tea Company Teas

Offering teas that have been carefully selected from small batch producers in Taiwan and China, this company prides itself on attention to detail, such as leaf variety, harvest date and crafting style.

The result is an enormous range of flavors for any palate and any occasion, whether a private cup or a large tea party.

Cloud and Mist

Find it here:

This is one of the oldest styles of green tea from Fujian Province, harvested in late April 2017 and called “cai cha” or vegetable tea by the locals. Hand-picked and drum roasted, Cloud and Mist has a floral aroma and underlying notes of macadamia.

Surprisingly bright and sweet, this tea also has hints of butter and grass.

Imperial Pu-erh

Find it here:

Originally crafted as tributary teas for the Chinese Emperor, this imperial grade pu-erh is made with young leaves from the Menghai county of Yunnan. This tea has a rich and bold body that has a malty character, reminiscent of wood and walnut skins that is sure to delight.

Formosa Red #18, Mi Xiang

Find it here:

Consisting of three distinct cultivars: pure-stock Assam, a hybrid cultivar called #18 and a native indigenous cultivar, this naturally sweet tea is produced in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.

The result of nearly 50 years of research, Formosa Red results from what is known as “bug-bitten” tea which creates a honeyed fragrance that haunts the palate.

If you’re the type of person who has ever asked “How much green tea is too much?“, you’ll be right at home.

The Red Blossom Tea Company has an authentic focus with a passion for tea. With a wonderful selection of tea wares, utensil sets and collections for the serious tea connoisseur, there’s so much to learn and experience if you want to take your love of tea to the next level.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.