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The Bulk Herb Store: Helping People Through Herbalism

In operation for over a decade and located in Lobelville, Tn., the Bulk Herb Store offers organic teas, herbs, spices and many other herbal products and supplies online as well as in-store.

Shoshanna Easling and her husband James run this company now, since she took over the family business when she was only 18 years of age.

Shoshanna grew up with herbs and assisted with growing, over-wintering, harvesting and processing them to use for medicinal and healthy concoctions, giving away a lot of product to family and friends.

The Passion Behind the Bulk Herb Store

Shoshanna’s mother was an excellent teacher, explaining how weeds were just as useful as herbs, to provide nutrition and sustenance. This instilled a passion in Shoshanna that led to a desire to create and learn more.

Supported by her Christian faith, her passion to help people went hand in hand with her love of herbs.

Working diligently to procure the highest quality herbs and botanicals at the best possible price, Shoshanna soon realized that sharing her knowledge would be another way to help others understand the properties and usefulness of herbs.

With countless recipes and How-to’s on the Bulk Herb Company’s website, her dream has finally been realized.

Shoshanna’s children love to help in the garden and even make their own herbal remedies. This company is driven by the idea of sharing their experiences and the tested wisdom of others to make for a happier and healthier lifestyle, which they believe is in line with their faith.

To the Bulk Herb Store, it’s so much more than selling quality herbs and teas. They have built a large community of budding herbalists through their website and Facebook page, who join in and share their recipes, remedies and tips.

Environmental Practices and Policies

The Bulk Herb Store believes that caring for the environment is a ground up process, which leads to the ability to provide premium products and teas, keeping sustainability in mind at all times.

This herb and tea company does their part by recycling to reduce landfill waste and striving to offer certified organic herbs wherever possible.

When this is not possible, the Bulk Herb Store carefully selects wildcrafted botanicals that are grown without chemicals, from sources that possess a strong sustainability program, which is certified.

Wildcrafted plants are harvested in their natural habitats and this herb and tea company ensures that endangered species are protected.

Bulk Herb Store Teas

There’s so much to choose from when browsing this company’s website and their catalogs are stunning and informative.

Along with their bulk herbs, spices and teas, you can find books, DVD’s, tea accessories, kits and collections, sprouting seeds, samples and an interesting blog with articles, medicine-making guides, tutorials and tons of information.

The great thing about this company is that you can learn how to blend your own herbal teas, using their reasonably priced and high-quality herbs and spices. If that’s not your cup of tea, then Bulk Herb Store has a wonderful variety of teas for you to choose from.

Organic Green Tea – Gunpowder

This green tea comes from China and owes its name to the process involving the rolling of the tea leaves into tiny balls that resemble gunpowder. You’ll be delighted to watch the tea leaves unfurl as it steeps and the light, smoky flavor is bold and fresh.

The caffeine content is slightly higher than its counterparts, but it’s a great tasting, healthy tea to try.

Oolong, Se Chung – C/S

An elegant, yet full-bodied tea, Oolong Se Chung is sourced from China and is great for those who prefer a gentler tea than other green varieties. Not quite a black or green tea, Oolong is semi-fermented and lightly caffeinated.

Pale and golden, this tea has floral notes and can be enjoyed hot or cold, on its own or with honey. Sidenote: Here are some flowers that can be made into tea.

Organic Spearmint Leaf Tea Bags

A little different to peppermint tea, this organic spearmint tea is slightly sweeter. It was sourced in the U.S. and is native to Asia and Europe, where it’s a popular tea and a culinary favorite.

With cooling and warming overtones, this delicious tea has a rounded, refreshing flavor and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Just for the tea alone, the Bulk Herb Store is a great choice with a large range of teas and herbs on offer, especially for tea aficionados who like to blend their own teas.

This wholesome and friendly company offer a lot of information about herbs and healthy living, which gives serious tea drinkers something interesting to read while they sip away.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.