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The Boston Tea Company Is Making Tea American Still

Founded in 1949, The Boston Tea Company has continued the traditions originating from the historic Boston Tea Party in 1773, being the first company to market flavored teas. This company’s signature blend is the Boston’s Mint-In-Tea. This company has a notable role in the foundations of American tea culture.

The Foundations of the Boston Tea Company

Located in Hackensack, NJ, this tea company’s artisans process their products using Old World techniques and incorporating natural ingredients to create authentic teas with a unique balance of flavor, refreshing both body and mind.

Quality Sourcing of their Teas

Along with the consideration of being the original American brew, the Boston Tea Company prides itself with its sourcing of only the best, hand-picked leaves from destinations such as the mountainous regions of India and China, and the rich plantations of Sri Lanka. Their quality teas are harvested only when they’ve achieved peak perfection.

5 Boston Teas to Try Today

Created and blended with great care, including exotic spices and rare herbs, this company high quality teabags and loose tea. Many of their customers enjoy the feeling of increased energy without the jittery side effects of coffee, also appreciating the fact that these products are pure and natural.

1. Boston Tea Company Mint-in-Tea

A quality blend of orange pekoe black tea, gently balanced with spearmint leaves. Like all the teas on offer at the Boston Tea Company, this delicious product can be enjoyed hot or iced. With other considerations such as being gluten-free and Kosher, this tea is fragrant and refreshing.

You can also enjoy this product as a Green tea with Kentucky Mint for that extra revitalizing kick.

2. Bentley’s Oriental Treasure Green Tea

Sourced from the lush mountains of Sri Lanka, this Green tea is richly flavored. Bentley’s varieties also include: Mango, Papaya and Passion fruit, which can be purchased in combo packs, like many of this tea company’s other delicious and refreshing products.

Bentley’s is the signature line of tea that the Boston company offers.

3. Beddy Bye Herbal Loose Tea Blend

This blend comes in a pouch, consisting of pure tea, herbs and fruit essences, perfect for bed time or winding down after a long day.

4. Sore-No-More Herbal Loose Tea Blend

A blend mixed with carefully selected spices, teas and herbs to help soothe a sore throat.

5. Wild Strawberry Herbal Loose Tea Blend

This tea includes Strawberries, fruit and flower essences, for a fresh pick-me-up.

The Boston Tea Company has much more on offer

They also have other Herbal teas, such as Peppermint, Lemon Honey and Chamomile, which are naturally caffeine free. Many other products include Earl Grey Citrus, Bombay Chai, Jasmine Green and Superfruit, to name a few.

The Boston Tea Company also has a Harmony Tin collection for the more discerning tea aficionado, as well as Tea samplers, an Affinity Line and a Tea of the Month Club.

An interesting addition is their White tea and Signature Lines, for those adventurous tea drinkers who want to explore something a little different.

The sampler is a great way to try out the delicious varieties on offer at this historic tea company, whether you’re a history buff or a tea lover. Some of the teas included were apparently the same varieties thrown over the British tea ships during the Boston Tea Party.

These include China Black, Formosa Standard Oolong and Young Hyson. Ranging in flavors from smoky to sweet, you’re sure to enjoy the time machine registering on your taste-buds.

A Proud History and Vision

The Boston Tea Company is proud that their products are American made and inspired by the historic Boston tea Party, which ignited the American Revolution. In that spirit, their teas are infused with the energy that is revitalizing the American tea industry along with their satisfied customers.

Try them for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

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