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A World of Oolong with Temple Road Tea

Located in Taiwan and established in 2014, Temple Road Tea believe in the daily consumption of high quality tea, for mind, body and spirit. Sharing their love of tea and a focus on well being, this company is serious about making tea a way of life.

The World of Oolong with Temple Road Tea

Taiwan is the land of oolong tea, with its high mountain ranges that sometimes reach 4,000 meters. The high humidity levels contribute to the perfect environment for growing tea. In the central region of Shan Lin Xi, Temple Road Tea sources their hand-picked, skillfully grown and prepared teas to share with the world.

Along with centuries of tea cultivation, oxidation and roasting knowledge, this company ensures that each cup reflects the combined wisdom handed down through the ages. Their oolongs are considered to have a more pronounced flavor and aroma, as well as a richer texture.

The three annual harvests differ slightly due to the conditions at any given time, however each of their batches are ensured by premium quality standards.

Sharing the Oolong Love

Temple Road Tea strives to share their love of tea and encourage positive impacts on the wellbeing of their customers and the community, whether it be physically, intellectually or spiritually. They have a combined level of history and experience living in Taiwan, drinking high mountain teas.

  • The Tea Master – having earned exceptional skills from his upbringing in the family business, Mr. Liu has 50 years of accumulated knowledge in all aspects of the tea industry, from propagating to brewing.
  • The Awards – Mr. Liu’s craftsmanship and knowledge has resulted in many awards dating back to 1998, including first prize in the competition held by the XinYi Township Farmer’s Association in 2013.
  • The Safety – Using organic fertilizers and zero pesticides, the Liu family take pride in the production of their tea. They test the purity of their teas at the Taiwan Tea research Extension Station, which is a national authority.

The Temple Road Tea Philosophy

Strongly believing in the motto “Your Body is Your Temple”, this tea company understands the importance of good health, which includes drinking oolong tea, to maintain concentration levels and to help the efficacy of diet and exercise.

One of the first commandments a young apprentice monk learns is a simple one: “Never give up” which goes hand in hand with dedication and conviction. To walk on, toward truth, on your own path is another aspect of this philosophy, which is the Temple Road way.

Temple Road Teas

Sourced directly from the tea plantation, their products are fresh and authentic, shipped within a few days after harvest and processing. Premium loose oolong tea from quality fields in Taiwan is this company’s promise and passion.

Dragon Monk Black Oolong

You can find this tea on their website by clicking here!

Deep, rusty-red hues of this black tea and the caramelized, sweet flavors are said to evoke the power and mythical nature of the dragon. The aroma hints at honey and fir, making this oolong a delightful cup that has a balance between a dark and sweet character, that also has a surprising and rich intensity.

Crane Monk Light Oolong

You can find this tea on their website by clicking here!

A creamy and soft tea that has notes of alpine herbs, this high mountain oolong is refined, complex and harmonious at the same time. Some say this tea has a meditative quality associated with the crane warrior monk in Chinese martial arts, which could be attributed to the high altitude it’s grown at.

Tiger Monk Roasted Oolong

You can find this tea on their website by clicking here!

The smoky aromas and woody notes also hint at wheat and strong malt, making this tea a powerful cup that invokes the courage of the tiger warrior monk. A triple-roast tea that has gone through medium fermentation, it has a balance of rugged and smooth flavors, perfect for a boost any time.

Temple Road Tea specializes in high mountain oolong and they offer the Martial Monk Oolong Tea Series – which is a collection of their teas that go hand in hand with balancing mind, body and spirit. If you’re on the path to wellness, a meditative cup of their rich oolong tea might help along the way.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.