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Teapigs is a Fun Tea Brand with Serious Intentions

Originating in the U.K. with an office in Brentford, Teapigs was founded in 2006 by Nick, who calls himself a tea evangelist and Louise, an experienced tea sipper and confessed tea addict who has sampled teas all over the world.

Now with an office in Brooklyn, NY., they strive to get people drinking real tea again.

The Birth of Teapigs

Nick and Louise were working at a big tea company when they met, while learning and drinking lots of tea. The more they learned and drank, the more they realized that there was a whole world of quality tea in the world that was not getting the attention it deserved.

That was when they decided to create Teapigs.

Over the years, this fun company has received 60 Great Taste awards, making their mothers very proud in the process. Louise makes sure that their teas are the best quality, with over 15 years sourcing and sipping her way around the world.

Now their teas can be found in over 35 countries, so they’re excited that their real tea mission is spreading all over the globe.

Without airs and graces, Teapigs believe in something pure and simple: only selling fine tea of the highest quality without compromise, which means whole leaf tea from carefully selected estates, offered as loose leaf or what they call tea temples.

A special, biodegradable mesh bag was created to give their teas lots of space to infuse. Believing that their teas are worthy of worship and deserving of their own temples, they wanted to offer something more than regular paper teabags.

Community Programs

Teapigs are committed to supporting the communities who produce their ingredients, by participating in programs and schemes that help the farmers and their families as well as reducing their global footprint.

  • Ethical Scheme – Sourcing from sustainable tea estates that produce all-natural botanicals. Their signature English breakfast tea is sourced from Gisenyi, Rwanda, donating a percentage of sales to the Point Foundation, supporting vulnerable youth and orphans in the area.
  • Teapigs House – In collaboration with the Gallagher Trust and the Point Foundation, they fund a house for 9 people with disabilities in Rwanda, where the stigma of being disabled is still an issue. Assistance with medical, nutritional and emotional needs gives them a new way of life.
  • Schools – The costs of education are alleviated by donations going towards items such as books, transport, school lunches and uniforms for over 500 students at the UCC Children’s School in Gisenyi, Rwanda. They’ve also sponsored 28 people so far to attend university.

3 Teapigs Teas to Taste Today

This tea company advises that they will never sell what they call the dusty stuff usually found in regular paper teabags. When they say quality tea they mean real, whole leaf tea and herbs, along with whole flowers.

Their motivation is to provide real flavor, which comes from careful selection, handling and processing.

English Breakfast Tea

329 Reviews
  • Award winning english breakfast tea bags made...
  • Our english breakfast tea with Rainforest...
  • We donate to the Point Foundation with every...

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This Rainforest Alliance certified tea is their signature blend of ingredients sourced from Assam, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Rwanda. A balanced, malty and zesty beverage that is also rich and bold that has apparently become the ultimate British favorite.

Teapigs make a donation to the Point Foundation for every pack sold and they also match their customer’s donations through fundraising events via their website.

Liquorice and Peppermint Tea

665 Reviews
  • Liquorice & peppermint tea bags made using...
  • This is a super popular tea, one of our most...
  • Loose leaf tea quality with the convenience...

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Although licorice (spelled liquorice in the U.K.) is a delicious and beneficial herb, you might need to check with your doctor before drinking this tea if you are pregnant or have hypertension.

Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this delicious root is blended with peppermint leaves, resulting in a refreshing and naturally sweet cup.

Popcorn Tea by Teapigs

36 Reviews
  • How Does It Taste?green Tea With A Popcorn,...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

It’s a fun name for an ancient tea, which was drunk by Japanese peasants after blending green tea with toasted rice to make it stretch further.

Also called Genmaicha tea, this beverage tastes like sugar puffs in a cup, with a unique, nutty undertone and a natural sweetness that can be enjoyed any time you want to indulge.

Teapigs have a fun-loving attitude that is contagious, but don’t let that fool you, as they are serious about offering great products as well as delicious tea.

They also have their own green tea recipe book called ‘The Book of Matcha’ and they sell tea and mug bundles, gift sets, vouchers and matcha kits.

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