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Teakruthi Is One Of Our Favorite New Tea Brands

Teakruthi’s offerings originate from Ceylon, and they put a strong emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle which includes being mindful of what you’re putting into your body.

Why teakruthi?

To the folks at teakruthi, freshness matters. They warn that some teas you may buy at the grocery store or elsewhere could have been picked up to a year before they actually make their way into your cup, and that makes a difference. Granted, some teas are meant to be aged, and people actually seek out rate vintage pu-erh teas, but for the most part – for most types of tea – they start to degrade and lose a certain something as time passes. As such, a fresher tea is going to make a world of difference if you’re used to older teas where their natural aromas and flavors have spent months escaping.

Teakruthi often offers free samples that total $10 or even $15 for people who sign up for their newsletter. This gives you an opportunity to taste their teas first hand instead of relying on reviews, but when it comes to reviews, they’ve been highly regarded on sites like RateTea, among others.

3 Steps to Fresh Tea by teakruthi

Here’s an excerpt from their website with more information about the steps they take to ensure that they tea is among the freshest, and tastiest, that you’ll be able to find:

  1. We eliminate the middlemen and source directly from some of Sri Lanka’s finest estate factories
  2. Our just-in-time demand algorithms allow us to order tea supply only as needed, reducing storage stock and wastage
  3. Sri Lanka is the only source market that grows tea all year around, eliminating the need for us to stock supply to service off-season orders

They assure us that teas are delivered right from the plantation to your door ship in 3 months or less, so you’re never going to be getting teas that are past their prime. Their algorithm allows them to project exactly how much tea they’ll need to order each time, and as stated above, it grows all year which means they aren’t stuck trying to stock up on lower quality teas at the end of the season in order to tide themselves over until the next year.

They offer teas that are grown high, mid, and low in a variety of regions, all hand-picked and free from any types of GMOs or anything like that. Their teas are vacuum packed in a climate controlled area, and are sent off to your home vacuum sealed in a light-proof container. Their shipping is very quick and the packaging is excellent.

They also include really interesting cards, that are designed very nicely, for each of their teas. These cards including information on how to brew and steep each tea perfectly, and some information on the history of tea in the region, and specific information about the teas you choose. All in all, it’s a really nice addition, and shows just how eager they are to share their excellent products with the world.

The Most Popular Teakruthi Teas

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and best selling teas according to teakruthi, which are all available for purchase from their website, and make sure  you also take a look around for one of their coupon codes that can save you $10 or even $15 on your order, not to mention free and fast shipping.

3. Teakruthi Green Velley (Green Tea)

This lovely green tea is harvested by hand in the Pundalu Oya Valley, where mountain winds tickle the leaves as they mature into a quality green tea. The air in the mountain, and the local climate, offer a great opportunity to produce a very desirable green tea.

Where to get it: Teakruthi

2. Teakruthi Colonial Mornings (Black Tea)

This blend comes from one of Sri Lanka’s older tea regions, called Dimbulla. It was founded by English colonialist trades back in the day. It’s hot hints of spiciness, sweetness, and strong aromas that’ll make you feel excellent with each sip. It’s a great experience, and no wonder that it’s one of their best sellers. This is a perfect breakfast tea to enjoy in the morning, or any time of day for that matter. If you like black teas, this one is a must.

Where to get it: Teakruthi

1. Teakruthi Ceylon Gold (White Tea)

This beautiful gold tips white tea is a treat. It’s delicately processed to project this fragile tea and to keep all of its wonderful flavors and aromas in tact so that they’re all still there for you to enjoy in full by the time it hits your cup. It’s harvested from a young tea plant, before the buds have even had a chance to open up. This tea comes from Nuwera Eliya, and grown up high in the western region. The taste is light, somewhat tart, and very unique.

Where to buy it: Teakruthi

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed looking into the teakruthi tea brand with us and decide  to give them a try! If you do, make sure you head back here to share your thoughts. Let us know which teas you tasted, and what you thought of them, and we’ll be sure to include that here on this page if you’d like your teakruthi review to help others choose from all of these excellent options.

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