8 Reasons Why We Don’t Write Tea Reviews

Our long, long, long time readers will remember in the early days of Tea Perspective, all the way back in 2013, we started things off with a handful of tea reviews. Since then, not so much.

We almost never do reviews of teas. Sure, occasionally, someone on the team will mention enjoying a tea, maybe some notes on the flavor, but beyond a quick mention – you really won’t find any pages here dedicated to in-depth tea reviews, and there are a few reasons for that…

The reasons that we don’t review teas here are because the following 8 websites are already doing an amazing job at it. Simply put, we don’t do it because there are other people who do it much better, and it’s really a labor of love.

There are some tea bloggers who put so much thought and care into their reviews of different teas, some of them even taste new teas almost every single day, and we admire their work and dedication, but we decided early on that we would leave that to the experts who have such deep and strong passions for sharing their reviews of teas.

Instead of trying to keep up with them, we would rather promote them and act as a signal boost to share their hard work with our readers.

Having said that, we will still gladly publish articles from any tea lovers out there who would like to share their thoughts, just get in touch with us if you would like to contribute.

So, without further adieu, here’s why we don’t review tea (In no particular order, yet still numbered because people like numbers…):

1. Tea For Me Please

 “Nicole Martin, Tea Nerd and Writer”

Tea For Me Please is an excellent resource and you can tell that a ton of passion goes into it. Nicole accepts teas for review and offers non-biased and thoughtful musings, along with an in-depth guide to tea that cleverly organizes many different topics and questions. We share Nicole’s philosophy that the main reason anyone should drink tea is becasue they enjoy it, with any potential ‘health’ benefits being a distant second and really shouldn’t carry that much weight in choosing with teas to sip.

This website’s earlier posts started all the way back in October of 2008, and has been going strong ever since.

Select reviews:


2. MattCha

Mattcha Blog

“Liver Of Life, Drinker Of Tea”

While many people might start with a sample when they’re looking at a new puerh to try, Matt’s the type of guy who just cops the whole cake instead. This world needs more Matts. The MattCha blog has recently made a comeback, after sitting on the sidelines for a few years, and we’re happy to see it getting a lot of new content lately.

This website is a shrine of knowledge on Korean teas, while recently taking more of a focus on puerh.

Select reviews:


3. Oolong Owl

“My aim with the Oolong Owl is to show you tea owls some interesting and unusual teas.”

Oolong Owl is home to some of the best tea photos we’ve come across, because a friendly owl in the background will always bring a smile. There’s a fun whimsy to this blog that helps make tea feel more accessible and less intimidating to those who have yet to fully take the plunge (Or the steep, if you will.) Char, the author, has a unique taste in teas and you’ll always find something interesting here.

Something else unique about Oolong Owl is that it’s still a great place to get recommendations even if you don’t share the same taste palette as the author, things are often described in a way that shows a true appreciation for teas beyond personal preferences.

Select reviews:


4. SororiTea Sisters

SororiTea Sisters

“A Sorority of Sisters Who Love Tea”

This is a collective of tea aficionados who have been blogging about tea since 2010 and have amassed over 5000 posts. They also have a page highlighting tea companies that support various charities (And didn’t miss the opportunity to use a tea pun either, so fair play to that!)

Their catalog of teas is extensive, they get them from companies sending samples, from buying teas for their own collections, and trading with other tea lovers. Definitely worth the read, this is such a prolific blog that you’ll find all sorts of stuff here that you probabally haven’t seen elsewhere.

Select reviews:

5. The Tea Squirrel

The Tea Squirrel

 “The Tea Squirrel is a creative space where I play and experiment with tea, food and photography.”

The Tea Squirrel by Anna aims to inspire her readers to try new things, and is a really nice resource for all-things-tea, not just reviews. The photography is incredible, the recipes look delicious, and the tasting notes are insightful. Also, the tea art style logo is very cool, to boot.

Tea Squirrel started in the summer of 2016, so it’s a relatively newer site compared to some that we’re featuring, and we’re glad to have hopped on board early – and recommend that you do the same!

Select reviews:

6. MarshalN

“Blogging seriously about tea”

MarshalN is a prolific writer on the topic of tea with posts that date back all the way to 2006, and has an incredible collection of teaware to boot, to a point where there’s an online ‘garage sale’ of sorts where you can pick up some very nice teaware from the collection.

This is also the birthplace of the term ‘grandpa style’, fun fact: “It always takes some practice to get it right, but it actually can give you nuances in a tea that you don’t notice if you gongfu brew them.  In that sense, it’s not inferior at all as a method of tea drinking – just different.”

This site is packed with musings on the topic of tea and related topics, it’s not really rapid fire reviews like you’ll find elsewhere, and is often longer-form. None the less, it’s basically required reading for anyone who wants to gain new insights and knowledge in the world of tea.

Select reviews:

  • Fake Dayi
  • YYX tasting
  • Taobao lottery: The raw and the cooked

7. The Oolong Drunk

The Oolong Drunk

“Oolong is my passion while puer is my obsession.”

Cody is The Oolong Drunk, and he’s all about sharing earnest and honest reviews of all sorts of different teas from all sorts of different vendors. It’s not just about Oolong, though, as you’ll find a lot of reviews and information here about different types of tea, including lots of Puer (and a sidenote: Here’s his list of best places to buy it.) Along with thoughtful reviews, you’ll find some nice photos and insights here.

Select reviews:

8. Taste The Tea

Chelsea’s blog has recently made it onto our radar thanks to Twitter, it looks like she’s been at it since early 2016 and going strong. The clean, easy-to-read layout and minimalist photo style make it a calming experience.

Select reviews:


So, there you have it, a collection of wonderful tea bloggers who write insightful, interesting, and entertaining reviews and between all of them, you’re more than covered, whatever you’re looking for, so make sure you pay them a visit and subscribe / follow / bookmark / all that good stuff.

There are so many other people out there we’ve missed on this list, it’s nothing personal! If we missed you, just leave a comment and we’ll make sure you get some shine as well.

Honorable mention to everyone out there drinking and loving tea, whether you’re a trained professional with all sorts of fancy gear, or someone with a cheap electric kettle and a dream who just likes to share your notes and thoughts – the online tea community is an incredible and welcoming place, and we tip our collective hats to everyone who is involved.

Thanks for stopping by!