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58 Tea Puns You Can Use For Naming Your Tea

If you don’t use one of the numerous “tea” puns out there to name your brand of tea or your blend of tea, how are people going to know how clever and whimsical you are?

If you’re having trouble coming up with some tea puns to use, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. After extensive brainstorming (some might call it procrastinating), we’ve put together an exhaustive (and growing!) list of tea puns as a service to the industry as a whole. You’re welcome, tea.

  1. AbiliTea
  2. ActualiTea
  3. AunTea
  4. AuthoriTea
  5. BeauTea
  6. BiodiversiTea
  7. CapabiliTea
  8. CiTea
  9. CiviliTea
  10. CommuniTea
  11. CredabiliTea
  12. DainTea
  13. DiversiTea
  14. DiviniTea
  15. DualiTea
  16. DynasTea
  17. EterniTea
  18. FertiliTea
  19. FrosTea
  20. HearTea
  21. HilariTea
  22. HonesTea
  23. IdentiTea
  24. IntegriTea
  25. IntensiTea
  26. MaterniTea
  27. MaturiTea
  28. MentaliTea
  29. MighTea
  30. ModesTea
  31. MoraliTea
  32. NecessiTea
  33. NobiliTea
  34. NovelTea
  35. NutTea
  36. ParTea
  37. PerplexiTea
  38. PlenTea
  39. PositiviTea
  40. PossibiliTea
  41. PredictibiliTea
  42. PrioriTea
  43. ProductiviTea
  44. PuriTea
  45. QualiTea
  46. SaniTea
  47. SelectiviTea
  48. ShiTea
  49. SinceriTea
  50. SocieTea
  51. SpecialiTea
  52. SporTea
  53. StabiliTea
  54. TranquiliTea
  55. TwenTea
  56. UniversiTea
  57. VaniTea
  58. VirtuosiTea

Just in case you’re already using anything on here, it’s nothing personal, we aren’t trying to pick on anyone in particular, this was just for fun, we wanted to see how many names we could brainstorm. The Yerba Mate was working, to say the least.

Can you come up with any additional ones that we’ve missed? Leave a comment, and if you’ve got a blog of your own, we’ll make sure to give you credit.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.