Is Tazo Tea Healthy? Let’s Take a Look.

What Is Tazo Tea?

Tazo is the first tea brand that comes to mind for many people, whether it’s because of their prevalence in grocery stores across the world, or because of their famous parent company, Starbucks, who also owns tea company, Teavana.

Tazo originated in Portland, Oregon in 1994 and moved under the world-renowned coffee company’s umbrella in 1998.

It shares a founder with tea company Stash, which was Steven Smith’s first endeavour into specialty teas.  

Starbucks reported that tea as a whole is 10 percent of Starbucks’ U.S. retail sales, with continuing to grow in popularity in the United States.

With a passion for great tea, they have many different options to be found, and their tea product is considered as one of the best in the world.

So, there’s a quick intro. But the question you probably have in mind: is Tazo good for you? 

A Quick Look at Tazo Tea Production

Tazo Chai Tea Latte
2,071 Reviews
Tazo Chai Tea Latte
  • Tazo Chai Tea Latte Concentrate 32 oz (2x32 oz)
  • Tazo Chai Tea Latte Concentrate 32 oz (2x32 oz)
  • Tazo Chai Tea Latte Concentrate 32 oz (2x32 oz)

Tazo also makes green tea concentrates that you can pick up at the grocery store.

Tazo begins with quality loose leaf tea selected during trips to more than 35 origin countries. Tazo only buys unblended leaves, allowing their master crafters to have greater control over the final product, setting a great example.

The taste is largely determined by a tea’s origin, geographic location and climate and is also influenced by local agriculture practices, and type of water.

The black and herbal green tea leaves are blended with quality herbs, spices, and botanicals to create the desired flavor.

Blending tea with multiple ingredients is an integral part of the process, as it allows Tazo to create signature blends with unique but consistent flavors.

To ensure consistency, Tazo tea is tasted up to seven times before it reaches stores.  

Tazo’s Products

Believing that each quality cup tells a story, Tazo breaks their related family of teas into five quality flavor categories: spicy, sweet, fruity, floral, and savory.

These related categories feature seven tea types, which include black tea, green tea, herba teal, chai tea, white tea, decaf tea, and organic green tea.

Most come in bags or sachets, with some varieties packaged as K-Cup pods or as a concentrate in cartons.

However, Tazo uses unique terminology, referring to tea bags as filter bags and sachets full leaf green tea.

They also sell bottled varieties of some of their best-selling blends for drinking on the go.

The spicy blends are described as fiery, masala, and warm. They contain flavors like ginger, mint, chai, and cinnamon.

Featuring a few of the same flavors, the sweet blends are described as creamy, cinnamony, and chocolatey.

In this bunch, you’ll find your vanilla, and you guessed it, cinnamon and chocolates.

Orange, peach, and other berry and citrus varieties describe the green tea and fruity blends, which are defined as citrusy, jammy, juicy, and tangy.

Rounding out the sweeter ones are those with hints of floral, best put as delicate and fragrant, and featuring chamomile, jasmine, and rose petals.

The quality, savory teas are reminiscent of many of the other refreshing, bold flavors like mint, earl grey, and cucumber, for example.

These are described as minty, malty, and vegetal when drinking.

Then you have your green tea choices which also have their own distinctive tastes and properties, including vitamin c and antioxidant properties, which may improve blood pressure and other medical effects. 

They also have iced tea options with a range of flavors, made from the same great ingredients.

If you’re a fan of iced tea, we recommend giving theirs a try, because they use such great ingredients. There really is no risk.

When you’re ready to try any number of products from Tazo’s line, you’re most likely to find them at your local grocery or convenience store, inside Starbucks, or at a number of online retailers.

You can also choose between green tea, loose leaf tea and others that have a range of natural benefits for your drinking pleasure.

Want to ride the line between loose leaf tea and bagged tea? Empty tea bags might be the perfect solution! Just add water!

One of their most popular Tazo tea blends includes Awake English Breakfast, Refresh Mint, Chai Tea Latte, Zen, and Earl Grey. Awake English Breakfast is a mix of black tea that makes for a bold cup of tea malty and bold.

The Chai Tea Latte features black tea with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla, making it both sweet and spicy.

Zen is a green tea that has notes of spearmint, lemongrass, and lemon verbena leaves. Passion’s flavor profile is built with hibiscus flower, orange, rose hips, and licorice root, making it sweet and nutty.

Awake English Breakfast
635 Reviews
Awake English Breakfast
  • INVIGORATING TEA: Tazo Awake English Breakfast Black Tea makes the perfect cup...
  • BRIGHT BLEND: Awake English Breakfast Tea is a bright blend of malty black teas...
  • AWAKEN YOUR SENSE: Sip the caffeinated tea in these English breakfast tea K-Cups...
Refresh Mint
581 Reviews
Refresh Mint
  • A crisp, cool herbal infusion of peppermint and spearmint with a pinch of...
  • We handpick tea sourced from communities around the world to create our unique...
  • In partnership with Mercy Corps, Tazo is working to create lasting change in...
Chai Tea Latte
10,402 Reviews
Chai Tea Latte
  • Tazo Chai Black Tea is a flavorful and aromatic blend
  • The spiced chai tea is a rich blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and...
  • Made with real brewed pure tea and quality tasted. Add your favorite milk to...
Earl Grey
268 Reviews
Earl Grey
  • Classic black tea enhanced with the refreshing citrus essence of bergamot
  • We handpick tea sourced from communities around the world to create our unique...
  • In partnership with Mercy Corps, Tazo is working to create lasting change in...

Here Are Some of Our Favorite Tazo Teas 

So, let’s get back to our original question: is Tazo tea good for you? Well, the short answer is yes! Because they are herbal in nature, they contain vitamins and antioxidant elements, which may help boost the immune system and help with weight loss benefits. Green tea in particular is great for tea drinkers with a passion for health and wellbeing and is easily found in many retail stores.

Tazo brands have different herbal, black and green tea products to choose from. Here are some of our favorites:

1 – Tazo Passion Herbal Tea

10,414 Reviews
  • HERBAL TEA: Tazo Passion Herbal Tea is an exuberant herbal tea infusion of...
  • REFRESHING BLEND: Passion Herbal Tea is a bright herbal tea blend bursting with...
  • ALL-DAY ENJOYMENT: This unsweetened tea is caffeine-free, making it the perfect...

Tazo Passion Herbal Tea is a tasty herbal tea infusion of hibiscus, orange peel, rosehip, and passion fruit for a tropical flavored tea. Naturally caffeine-free and packed with antioxidants, it’s one of the best options for anyone who loves herbal teas.

2 – Tazo Organic Chai Tea Bags

1,159 Reviews
  • TAZO Organic Chai Black Tea is a flavorful and aromatic blend of tea.
  • This box contains 20 individual chai black tea bags with a warm, spiced flavor.
  • This TAZO tea is a blend of black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and...

Tazo Organic Chai Black Tea leaves are a flavorful and aromatic blend of different teas. The handpicked ingredients include cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and other spices from communities around the world.

Please note that this organic Tazo tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, making it perfect for a tasting morning drink.

3 – Tazo Calm Chamomile Herbal Tea Bags

2,124 Reviews
  • Tazi Calm Chamomile Herbal Tea adds a sip of relaxation to your day.
  • A soothing chamomile herbal tea blend infused with rose petals and sarsaparilla...
  • Expertly sourced herbal tea bags, quality tasted for you to enjoy.

Sometimes, the world can be a little stressful. If you feel like you could do with some calm, these Tazo chamomile green tea bags just might do the trick.

Made from natural ingredients, you can know this is a lovely herbal tea to count on, with no caffeine and plenty of health benefits.

One of our favorites!

4 – Tazo Wild Orange Herbal Tea

1,320 Reviews
  • Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea Bags are flavored tea bags containing a juicy...
  • A flavored tea of orange peel, lemongrass, citrus herbs & licorice root tea with...
  • From our expertly sourced range of herbal teas, this variation has been quality...

Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea is a deliciously juicy hibiscus tea infused with orange peel, citrus herbs, lemongrass, and licorice root for natural health benefits.

This organic, unsweetened tea has no caffeine, making it the perfect naturally flavored tea for any time of day.

Also, the tea has absolutely no added sugar, making this a tasty herbal tea that’s great for any time of the day.

5 –  Tazo Herbal Tea 5 Flavor Variety Pack

412 Reviews
  • Tazo Tea's 5 Best Selling Herbal Flavors in this sampler variety pack
  • Caffeine free herbal tea
  • 1 Box of each of 5 flavors of Tazo Herbal Tea (each box contains 20 Tea Bags,...

Not sure where to start with your Tazo brand herbal tea exploration? Well, this variety pack covers all of the basics you need to find your favorite flavor.

The included tea bags are Passion, Wild Sweet Orange, Refresh Mint, Sweet Cinnamon Spice and Calm Chamomile.

Their Responsibility

Tazo and their respective brands work to leave a lasting impact on the communities they visit around the world.

In conjunction with Mercy Corps, a nonprofit organization, Tazo has positively impacted over 200 tea and cardamom producing communities in Assam and Darjeeling, Indiana and Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Their efforts are focused mainly on healthier communities, youth empowerment, and economic opportunities.

Statistics have shown that Tazo and Mercy Corps’ efforts have improved hygiene practices and reduced disease.

Take time to know a little more about Tazo teas before your next trip to Starbucks or a tea shop.

Your barista will thank you.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Tazo Tea Brands

Organic, natural tea contains many health benefits, so when you drink your Tazo tea, you can be confident that you can enjoy better health, better blood pressure and even some weight loss.

Have a lovely drink!

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