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Steven Smith Teamaker: Founded by a True Tea Shaman

The Foundations of Steven Smith Teamaker

Steven Smith Teamaker is located in Portland, Oregon and was founded in 2009 by Steven Smith, along with his wife. Steven Smith was considered a natural born teamaker, who originally co-founded another tea company – Stash – and worked as a tea shaman at Tazo.

His deep understanding and appreciation of tea led him to create his signature brand, along with a line of flavors unlike any other.

He passed away in 2015, but his spirit lives on in the tea department where his closest colleagues and hand-picked team work to continue his legacy of creating unique and flavorful teas.

Steven Smith Teamaker sources their teas and botanical ingredients from Africa, China, India and Sri Lanka. For over fifteen years this tea company has worked with nearly all the same tea brokers, growers and exporters.

Inspiration is a key ingredient in the creation of Smith teas, where finely tuned appreciation of aroma and flavor leads to the goal of crafting a fine tea that makes the tea sipper part and parcel of the experience, becoming a teamaker as well.

Along with sourcing their teas from around the world, Steven Smith Teamaker also purchase their ingredients from auctions held in tea trading centers such as Calcutta and Jakarta.

Smith Tea’s Partner-Sips

Custom blends crafted via partnerships (known as Partner-sips) include the Maker’s Series, where creative mashups result in special, limited-run products which are numbered and signed by the creators.

Steven Smith Teamaker also provides special blends in collaboration with chefs and other partners for culinary purposes, such as baked goods and desserts. This tea company is open to working with friends to create fresh ideas and products.

Steven Smith Teamaker Teas

Protection of a reputation for quality goes hand in hand with the mindful treatment of delicate botanicals and teas, according to Steven Smith Teamaker. All products are blended and produced in-house in small batches by human hands.

Each tea product is carefully selected and sampled four times throughout the process, to ensure quality and flavor.

Having a deep appreciation and wide open approach to cuisine helps the cultivation of a discerning palate for the many varieties of herbs, spices and teas, according to this tea company.

Smith Teamaker Jasmine Silver Tip Blend No. 96 (Full Leaf Green Tea)

Jasmine Silver Tip has a gentle yet obvious floral flavor and scent, with a pale yellow-green color. The tea bags have a relaxed fit for expansion of the leaves to ensure full flavor.

Blended in small batches, this delicate tea is crafted from tender green leaves that originate from China’s Fujian Province. Steam-fired to retain flavor along with freshly picked jasmine buds, this tea is called the perfect marriage.

Smith Teamaker Masala Chai Blend No. 33 (Full Leaf Black Tea)

This rich, Assam black tea has a dark copper color and tastes malty and spicy. Blended with sweet spices, like ginger root, black pepper, cloves and cardamom, this Chai blend can satisfy any seasoned Chai Wallah.

Served with foamed milk, Masala Chai Blend No. 33 is a wonderfully spiced tea sure to awaken your mind and taste buds.

Smith Teamaker White Petal Blend No. 72

A full leaf blended white tea with a slightly green hue after brewing, this delicious tea has a soft, floral sweetness, due to the Chinese white tea carefully mixed with flower petals. Also blended in small batches, you’ll appreciate the care and expertise used in the creation of this wonderful tea.

You don’t need to be a connoisseur to enjoy the daring, yet also subtle and delicate teas offered by Steven Smith Teamaker, but a keen sense of adventure and a curious palate will lead you down a delicious path of discovery.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.