Stay Cool with Iced Tea

Is iced tea still healthy for you? A popular question, and the short answer is yes. This is concerning a brewed tea that has simply been cooled down and put over ice. You will have the same benefits as if you drinking a regular hot cup of tea. Lasts for days in the fridge and its perfect for impressing guests with  your home made tea blend.


Benefits of Iced Tea

Iced tea itself isn’t any different than tea, so expect all the same benefits. However some people find it hard to fit in three to five cups of tea a day, this remedies that problem. Try to have a pitcher of homemade iced tea available in the fridge for a quick and easy access to all tea’s healing capabilities. A thirst quenching option on a hot day, or as a way to make it appealing to children.
Studies done by Purdue University have shown that by adding citrus or vitamin C to your green tea will allow your body more access to its powerful antioxidants, namely the Catechins. So slice up a lemon, lime orange or even grapefruit to flavor your iced or hot tea. Avoid adding sugar if possible, but if you are craving that sweet flavor of most commercial iced teas try adding a bit of organic honey.

How to Make the Perfect Pitcher

Iced tea is as vast as the world of hot tea, the regular black tea’s can be substituted for green, white or herbal varieties. Often extracting even more of the healthy antioxidants because you can brew iced tea far stronger than a normal cup of tea. Flavor with your favorite citrus fruits for added benefits and enjoy its convenience, simply keep a pitcher in the fridge for easy access.

Experiment with your brew, try mixing tea’s for a custom flavor all your own.

Remember to use a glass pitcher as opposed to a metal or plastic container, this will allow the hot tea to sit inside without having its flavor contaminated by the container. Let the citrus brew with the tea, extracting all the flavors and oils that naturally occur in the fruit. You will benefit from added nutrients, more bio available antioxidants from the tea and a delicious beverage you can enjoy whenever you don’t have that cup of tea.

Let Us Know

What’s your favorite recipe for iced tea?

Do you have a specific sweetener you prefer?

Let us know about your specific iced tea recipe for us to enjoy. Get creative, remember citrus fruits will enhance your tea’s bio availability but they are not the only option for flavoring your tea.